Just wondering those of you with predominantly oa of spine how quickly has it...

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  • My oa of spine progressed much quicker than I thought it should have an within two years I sometimes had to have a walker but I also hve Neuropathy, Sciatica and Diabetic Neuropathy and have had major surgery on my left side and back which makes my oa much worse..I wish you the best

  • Thanks Mary

  • I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago. I am 29 years old.

    Really it depends on the person as you had said. A specialist will tell you, the more active you are on a joint, or active in general, deteriorates the cartilage faster. (though stretching helps ease the muscles around the joint, exercise actually wears away at the cartilage. Be careful in what you do)

    I was diagnosed when I was 26 years old after giving birth. It has gotten to the point I can hardly walk, or play with my now 3 year old son.

    My OA predominantly started in my Lower lumbar, and hips.

    Please get tested every 6 months if you have any other pain..3 years after my spinal, and hip OA ; I now have it in every joint. It attacked very quickly for me personally.

    I am recommended a cane, and safety rails for the bath. I can't shave my legs without being in excrutiating pain. Bending my spine is very difficult, it feels like a pole in my back. I went from someone who walked everywhere (enjoyed it so very much) to a person who can hardly walk, or even get up off a chair. Tendonitis is also a concern, as will as sciatica, and nerve damage when the discs shift.

    I hope your OA Does not attack quickly, and you stay as mobile as possible for as long as you can! xxx.

  • So sorry Lynn, you are so young. I have a four year old grandson and can no longer pick him up so I know where you're coming from, and it's hard to explain to a young child. I also used to walk everwhere, my doctors told me to keep moving but what they don't seem to understand that the more I move the more painful it gets... thanks for your honest reply and sending hugs your way xx

  • It is no problem at all Jules Johnson

    Yes it can be very difficult to explain to a child who wants you to be their whole world. It all takes time to comprehend we are not like we used to be. Though it can be depressing, realizing the gift of the children more than makes up for the disease :)

    Thank you so very much for the hugs xx sending some back your way.

    I agree, doctors may know how to treat some of the minor pain with medications...to me they still do not grasp the disease as a whole yet. I wish you a good day, with hopefully less pain!