just wanted to stop in and say hi and let everyone know because I am so...

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  • I was dx with lupus 4 years ago because I had a positive ana test but I thought something else was going on when my doc said my sed rate was 70 and my blood vessels in my face were breaking also I became very tired like I have to take naps and still tired! but the dr Alexandra villa Forte was so awesome she said I am not sure whats going on with you but we will get to the bottom of it! =) made me feel great!

  • I am glad I went there and still do every 3 months. It is a fabulous place. Glad you decided to go there.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Mine is my legs look like they are dying poor circulation barely pulses in my feet and rashes all over and they are in circles Dermatologist said some sort of connective tissue disease maybe lupus and they tested me and I did not have Lupus and my ANA Positive with a speckled pattern and my white count stays around 22,000 normal is 6-11 and I am really tired have been to Hematologist, Neurologist, Oncologist, Gastroenterologist, Rheumatologist, Endocrinologist, Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Vascular Surgeon that was 150 miles away, 2 Bone marrow biopsies and 1 Lymphnoid Biopsies, CT after CT and MRI after MRI Ultrasound after Ultrasound,Echo EMG,EEG, Intestinal Biospy, and Blood work after Blood Work that my Insurance never covers, and have been to 23 doctors 22 diagnosis and 22 medications and they say I have RA, Raynauds Disease,and Vasculitis and I am miserable and my Primary Doctor is sending me to the Cleveland Clinic to find out exactly what is wrong they said they think I have several connective tissue diseases put together and they are not sure how to treat it that is why I am getting worse and not better. I hope the Cleveland Clinic can help me. Please let me know what they say.

  • oh wow Im sure they will be able to help you they seem great I will post when I find out what catscan says

  • oh I forgot to mention I keep getting sinus infections too hoping I will hear something Monday good luck to you Rebecca!!

  • I do too I get sinus infections and nosebleeds and yes Kim Thompson please let me know!

  • I sure will!

  • Great...answers are good...even if we don't like them...at least the healing can start

  • So true Leslie! when they told me I had lupus that kinda came out of nowhere I was shocked but I have learned so much from my friends in these fb groups I would be so lost with out them! <3

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Doctor did you see at Cleverland?