Just spreading a little hope I ve had severe Costo for over 2 years Found a...

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  • Great news! What type of a physio? Chiropractor or Physical Therapist and what is he doing to your back?

  • Physio therapist. He has worked with Costo before and has a high success rate. He says the problem comes from ur back and stiffness in ur spine, locked joints etc. He's unlocking the joints at the moment and it should help the pain in my chest. He explained how the back and chest are linked and it makes so much sense more so than any consultant I've seen xxxxx

  • Thank you, I'll search for one in Texas. Where is yours located?

  • I'm in the uk babe. I pay privately at a gym complex David lloyds xxxx

  • Oh definitely too far! It would be a good excuse for a vacation though. :) thank you for the info, there is hope!

  • Exactly the same with mine!!!!! It all comes from the back. My posture is that bad my spine and what not are effecting it all! I'm now doing gym rehab so hope it all goes together!!! Apparently swimming is good for it too x

  • Kara. J. Thompson-Davies I said to him tonight it's bizarre how the body works! My posture is bad too and I hunch more with the pain to protect my chest. Good luck with ur journey! Xxxx

  • Susie Buxton thankyou I'm doing the same with the hunch... But I had to stop my posture correcting for a week as I found my ribs would expand better with a hunch. It's a strange thing Costo and physio is vital . Take care and I hope u feel better x

  • Susie could you describe how you got bad and how debilitating your symptoms were... and then your therapy. How long till you started responding well?

  • Hi Wayne. I was very bad. I was on the floor in pain, bed ridden, on tramadol which did nothing. My whole life was centred around my bed. I contemplated suicide I couldn't cope. I've only had a couple of sessions but it's really loosened my back and helped loads. He presses on my back in areas and rocks it with various amounts of pressure not gonna lie it hurts while he does it but he stops if it gets too much. He says after 2 sessions my back is a lot looser. Also all the lying in bed actually made it worse not better as ur back gets stiffer. He then deeps some soft tissue work. He hasn't touched my chest yet only my back but that seems to be where the problem was cc

  • I've had Costo for 2 years. I started going to a physio 6 months into it. She works on the inflamed areas on my chest. I started going weekly but now it's just once a month. Hasn't cured it. But I was in really bad pain and on meds daily before physio. Now it's just pain at night now and then and pills if I need them to sleep. I would recommend physio to anyone with this. It won't cure it but it will help minimize the pain for sure.

  • I had the same cure by unlocking my spine. Manipulating my chest and ribs only aggravates my pain. Having locked joints at the spine puts strain on joints at the sternum. Loosen the spine and the costo will usually clear up.

  • Did you see a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz , I saw a chiropractor. He's very open to learning and I shared Steve August's videos with him. If you do August's exercises and get your therapist to make the adjustments, I don't think you need to buy and use the BackPod he sells.


  • thank you for the info! :)