Just received this from my Sarc Specialist

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  • oh wow! havent heard of this! :)

  • My doc in Alabama is like that. He works with me. Doesn't condescend or patronize me. Being Chronically ill and watching your ship slowly sink is no easy task. Takes courage and fortitude, etc. I lost more lung space this year. I've got a fungus ball thats keeps growing on an inoperable lung. But he smiles when I show up and asks how I'm doing or how I'm holding up. He gets it and doesn't sugar coat it with drugs. He knows the deal and he knows I do too. Patients need the truth and support while dealing with it.

  • That is because it is not fully open yet, just starting to do recruiting. Should be fully advertised in about a week.

  • Diane O'Neil who is your doc in Alabama?

  • Thanks once again for your incredible info re: Sarcoidosis/Grad Research contacts. I am in Nor Cal and just so happen to have been diagnosed at UCSF while going through Malignant Melanoma treatment. Looking forward to a call back from them to find out about recruitment opp's. Respectfully submitted, Scott Perry...