Just got back from getting my ultrasound and X ray results a lot of...

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  • Oh dear. keep positive and take the pills.

  • I will I'm having a bit of a giggle at the moment

  • Yep taking meds are a pain in the butt but worse without them. Stay strong u poor love

  • Can I have one of those giggle-pills ? ;D

  • I know how you feel I have the same diagnosis, but now have to add Parkinson's disease to the equation. More medication ......

    Yesterday I had an steroid injection under CT scan in my left hip to help with movement and pain. Dr said I have a lot of tissue damage as well.

    At least I could roll over last night without as much pain.

  • I have to say feeling 80 percent better on the prednisone sad it's only for 5 days