Just for laughs or should I say to inform myself I did Dr Braccia s blood...

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  • Note: I got this directly from my blood place....if I wanted results from Dr. Braccia I would have to spend $300+ to get my results...

  • You need a new doc. ILADS LLMD

  • Have you looked for another one?

  • I am not seeing Dr. Braccia... went to him once and never going back!! I am seeing Dr. Noonan.... scheduled with a real ILADS doc mid June :D

  • Amen! I can't believe he tried to charge you for results...... Money hungry maybe?

  • Good idea but not all labs are the same

  • Yeah, well I wasn't gonna use "his" lab.... I got the blood work done for free :D haha, I had to schedule a follow up in July.... (which I am not planning to keep....ssshhh he doesn't know that ;)

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz do you anything about these tests?