Just curious how many of you see a pain management doctor for pain medications

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  • I do not see a pain specialist. I have osteoarthritis pain besides fibro and behcet's. My primary care started me with ibuprofen first, then team adolescent and then Tylenol 3. There are some days when that doesn't work too. I would really like a few stronger pills each month for when what I have doesn't work, but not yet.

  • Sorry that should say then tramadol, I hate auto correct!!!

  • I used to be able to get hydromorphone (?sp) for severe unrelenting migraines. But that doc left the company and its been years since anyone would help with anything above naproxen. This included a torn shoulder rotator cup, these darn migraines which are near daily, and these blisters/body pain. I can't even get accepted to pain med because neither the neuro (for migraine) or the pcp will refer me. I am praying seriously praying that the Rheumatologist I meet next month does something or I quit. There is a train that comes near here and I've already had this.talk with the counselor.

    I can not or will not tolerate another 11 years like this.

  • Never give up...ever .

    See someone else if you don't get the help you need . It can change for the better. Wishing you the best possible outcome.

  • I saw one a couple of weeks ago and he was a jerk. I told the rheumy I am willing to see another pain doc but will not be going back to him because he is verbally abusive and spent the entire visit insulting me vs trying to find a treatment plan. I am allergic to everything in the codeine family so my options are limited to begin with. He treated me like a drug seeker as well which is physically impossible because I can't take anything that people seek to abuse. I'd be dead. I'm working on finding a new pain management dr because I'm miserable.

  • Karen, I was in the same situation a little over a year ago. I see CMH Pain Management in South Hill. The office staff are easy to work with. I saw Dr. Saleeby my first 2 visits. Then his NP. He does have somewhat thick Middle Eastern Accent. They are a great practice though. They do require information from your current physician such as Office Notes. After they receive your medical information and review it, they will usually schedule your first appointment within 6 weeks. BONUS....he knows a lot about BD!!! Hope you can find some relief. {{HUGS}}

  • Prayers and lots of gentle hugs.

  • Lots of prayers and gentle hugs.

  • thank you.

  • Also, if he is verbally abusive, speak up by making a report to the licensing board in your state.

  • already did. I also told the rheumy and neuro that I will not see him and why.

  • I also go on Health Grades and other similar sites and rate doctors and their practice.

  • I will do that also

  • Hugs back to you for this info, I always feel better getting a recommendation from someone I know and to have them so close I am beyond happy. Will get my stuff together to get in to see him. Thank you so much!

  • Your very welcome.

  • I see a pain management team xx

  • Low dose naltrexone. The best thing I ever did for pain.

  • First one next month

  • Me too , hydrocodone when I get desperate