Just come home from school sports day and now wish I hadn t put my daughter...

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  • I did not allow my son to take part in sports day. He was bullied and teased rotten when he was little, no team spirit just winning, encouraged by teachers !!

  • It was sports day in teams and there was no bullying as its a tiny village school which is the only reason I considered it. Maybe not next year.x

  • My daughter is year 5 and it starts to be competitive from this year. The school field is pitted with holes and sports day this years is my worse nightmare... I have spoken with my daughter and she's happy not to take part, thank goodness, if she turns her ankle badly it will stop her from doing all the clubs she loves to do x

  • I'm a bit stuck at where to go for help. We saw a physio who just said "oh she's just hypermobile, its nothing just a party trick, it shouldn't cause her any problems" then we were discharged. Less than a month later and my daughter was crying in pain in bed after p.e so I asked to see a paediatrician hoping to get more knowledgeable help, I also told him I think she may have sensory processing disorder as well. He didn't know what it that was, he just sent off for blood tests and asked to see us in 3 months. I got a letter the other day saying our appointment has been cancelled as the bloods came back normal and my daughter has been discharged. Where can I get someone who knows what they are talking about and can give us some help.x

  • That is the million dollar question hun. It seems to be based on where you are to how good the docs are. Everyone says Professor Graham in London but he is private. I have been really lucky and the people we have seen have answered a lot of my questions but my daughter's physio was crap so I had my daughter discharged.... my son has just been diagnosed and now has an appt to see the same physio.... talk about that's gonna be an akward meeting, lol x

  • My heart goes out to your little girl. When my daughter was diagnosed I found I was hypermobile also which certinaly explains lack of sporting ability. I know just how your girl feels xxx

  • Keep going...keep persisting we eventually found a GP in our practise who really listened. I put together my own chronology of all the things we felt indicated HMS from birth to now (my daughter is 13) she took it all on board and the referred us to every paediatric rheumatologist in our area, we finally got an appointment to see the right person who was fab. We now also have a brilliant physio...hang in there! Hope is making slow but steady progress now and we are learning to manage it! X

  • I might go through the school nurse and say she's suffering. Because she's in a small school the nurse is actually based in a hospital so maybe she will have connections with someone who can help us. I don't think reading this group there's much that can be done apart from learning to manage but just acknowledgement and information that I can pass to her school would be a start. I'm not even sure if she has a diagnosis on her medical records of HM or whether the physio just casually mentioned it to explain her bendiness. X