Just a thought as she is not yet diagnosed going to rhumy in 2 weeks Or even...

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  • She's 3 suspected hypermobiliy and eds. Has a severe dairy allergy. And no bowel and bladder control. Applied for DLA just waiting. Is a blue badge separate? Wouldn't really get one for a 3 yr old though. Think its a bit early.

  • They give blue badges from age 2 I think. Separate application to DLA

  • blue badges can be given from birth but rarely are unless the child is on oxygen or has life limiting illness. dla is really hard to get for children especially for hms because they will decide if they need more help than their peers in their ability again prefer to give for life limiting illnesses

  • we have a badge for our son - asd, dyspraxia and hypermobile. When we applied we attached a covering letter, explaining just why we needed the badge ( as the normal criteria is if they struggle to walk, which in theory he can walk).

  • U lot are lovely. Thank u so much .

  • Alton towers didnt need any proof, just lent us a wheelchair for the day.

  • getting a letter from you health care professional sounds like an epic idea, just who would you ask? might try our doctor!

  • We have always them dla proof,but as my daughter has other conditions she's had it since 2,we don't have a blue badge as of yet tho x

  • I carry a letter from the GP stating his diagnosis (ASD as well as HMS) that explains he cannot queue but his is more due to meltdowns and becoming aggressive because of lack of understanding queues rather than the physical act of standing. He uses a wheelchair for both conditions

  • Blue badge is from age 3 I've been refused even though my little boy has a waking frame x