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  • Yes (unsure if it is the same as yours) although the pain is on the medial side of my heel. My gastrocnemius and soleus on my OCD ankle ached a lot. My PT did a few sessions of dry needling and the calf muscles and achilles pain subsided

  • no wish to sound nasty or sarcastic but can you translate that please lol

  • Yes my right ankle tendon snapped now numb but still painful

  • Sure. My calf muscles that are attached to my achilles were tight and constantly ached, as did the achilles they are attached to. My pain was on the inside area of the heel where the achilles also attaches to. My physical therapist did dry needling, a technique that uses trigger points, to relax the two primary calf muscles. It worked well for me. Let me know if I didn't clarify. Thanks

  • Thanks appreciate the translation. Not heard of that needling before, but it was suggested i may have to have needles into the Achilles to break up the deposits.

  • I hadn't heard of dry needling and a friend had it done and recommended it. My PT was trained in it. It really worked well for me. It is slightly uncomfortable while she is doing it and for a short time after. However I haven't experienced that calf and achilles pain since and it has been close to 2 months