Just a question for those with school aged children are you required to...

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  • I always bring Dr's notes in no matter what

  • We always get notes.

  • We bring release from dr & infusion appointments

  • Our daughter has a letter of incapacity on file each year with the school from her Rheumatologist so we are never asked for a Drs note( I get one and put it in our binder but the school doesn't ask for it)

  • We have to have one. Otherwise how will they ever prove you were at the doctor? It can be a pain, but I can also see where they are coming from, too. You always have the one bad apple that likes to take advantage of everything that ruins it for all.

  • We don't have to have one as there is a letter in my daughters file regarding more than normal absences (dr writes a letter each year for her file explaining reasons for them) - I get them for work so they always give them to us for Daughter for school so we just turn them into the school.

  • I always get the excuses.

  • I've never had to have a doctor's excuse. I always let the school know in advance, when she has a doctor appointment. In fact our principal told me last week (daughter has been missing school due to illness), that if I wanted to keep her home until after winter break, they would work with her.

  • I have never been asked to provide dr notes for my daughter. And we missed a couple days a week at a few points! However we live in a smaller town and have pretty close communication with entire staff on her progress so I suppose they'd never second guess me.

  • Yes and it's soooooo annoying!

  • We get a note every time and still got a letter about being turned over to a truancy officer last year! :/

  • Those letters are often automatically kicked out by the computer system. Call and talk to the school, referring them to the 504.