Julie and I have been doing BVT for over a year with limited change for Julie

I explored the IQAir products and found that they seemed to be the best out there with features that make them more effective than others. I put some to work in our home and in two days I felt an improvement in my chronic sinus issues. Julie commented that the air in the basement smelled fresher.

We've moved to a house we're renting and the first night I got into bed I could smell the dust on the bedding and was immediately stuffed up. I put one of the IQAirs in the bedroom the next day and the dust smell is reduced and I'm less congested. We'll continue to operate the IQAir in the rental​ and at home when we return. I'm also running an IQAir full time in my office at my business.

In an effort to reduce the cost for our family and others I decided to become an IQAir dealer and have the most popular model in stock and can drop ship all IQAir air purifiers with free shipping and can save friends and fellow BVTers money off the minimum advertised price.

Please PM me for more info on our mold remediation journey and about the IQAir line of air purifiers.

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, we own one Air IQ. We have only owned it for less than a year & already need 2 new filters. Does your discount include replacement filters that we could buy through u? 2nd question, we are about to move into a new mold free house & are wondering if it's safe to bring the Air IQ with us if we add all new filters? I am afraid of cross contamination. Or do we also need to do some special cleaning of the machine? Jim Corman

  • Filters will need to be replaced more quickly based on usage and as you know the display on the IQAir will indicate when each filter needs to be placed. I'm guessing you're running your IQAir pretty continuously​ to clear mold which is appropriate.

    I can offer you a discount on filters. Let me know which IQAir model you have and which filters and I'll get pricing. PM me with the info.

    I agree you'll want to avoid cross contamination from the IQAir and all of your possessions. My suggestion is to remove all filters, vac the inside and out with a good HEPA vac and wipe down the housing inside and out. I'll confer with the manufacturer for any additional info on avoid cross contamination.

    Congrats on moving to a mold free home.

  • Thank u for answering my questions. We have the Air IQ Health Pro Plus.

  • That's the most popular model. I'll PM you the filter info.

  • I am also interested in receiving information - Thank you!

  • I just PMed you some basic info and a link to the IQAir website as well as the discount info. Let me know if you need more info. Thx for your interest.

  • thank you

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, please send me this info also..

    Also do you have a Link for that company that checks your house for mold?

    I live near St Paul in MN..


  • JoLynn, I just PMed you some info on IQAir.

    As far as the company that assessed our house for mold he's based in VT and I don't think he travels that far. I'll check with him and see if he can recommend someone in your area. He used to have a business that was national network of franchisees that did indoor air quality work. He sold the business but may still have a contract. I'll let you know.

  • I'm also in MN and looking for a good company if you find something JoLynn! Thanks.

  • JoLynn and Julie, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Rich Finigan, the IAQ guy we used, does still travels nationally and does mold assessments​ and consults with local indoor air quality processionals and mold remediators.

    Rich did a much more in-depth assessment than the first one we had done and he turned up the big sources of our mold contamination which we are one week into correcting with a mold remediation contractor.

    In my limited but quickly growing experience and understanding of mold the signs of contamination are MUCH more subtle than I realized while being no less toxic for sure.

    I'll post Rich's contact info in a separate comment in case it's not appropriate to do so and the comment needs to be deleted.

  • It's hard to hear that BVT didn't make a change... May I ask how long is Julie sick? Did she get bull's rash after tick bite? I hope very much that solving mold issue will help to progress!

  • ParfenovaElena, Julie has been sick and suffering for 25+ years. She had a bulls eye rash in 1990 and was tested for Lyme (multiple times) and told she didn't have Lyme. It wasn't until about three years ago that we finally found a doc that understood Lyme and had better testing available that we got a Lyme diagnosis. IV antibiotics over 15 months and many other therapies didn't move the needle either. We've been doing BVT (we both sting for Lyme and cos) and continue to have expectations for improvement. We'd heard many times over the last year plus that mold can be an impediment to healing but I didn't think we had a mold issue until we found a shoe doc and finally got a real mold assessment done. Now we're tearing our house apart to remediate.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I feel sorry that she has been suffering so long. Please keep us posting how it will continue after cleaning from mold...

  • Omygoodness, 1 more for info Jay ward type, happy about your accomplishments

  • Hi Jay, would love info as well. Thanks!

  • Did you test air with mycometrics, think I spelled it right

  • I just sent you info on the IQAir via PM

  • I sent you a PM with info prior. I'll resend it now to be sure you received it.

  • I did a mycometrics ERMI vacuum dust sample test. The result came back with a 1.13 score and anything below a 2.0 is supposed to be fine. But I did some more digging and looked at some of the individual scores within the ERMI results and wasn't convinced. I calculated what our HERTSMI score would be with the 5 types of mold that make up the HERTSMI and that score wasn't as low as the ERMI so I forged on with more research.

    The mycometrics tests are a good first step but they only provide numbers. And numbers need to be interpreted properly. My concern is that a low score on one of those tests could give a false sense of security and send us looking in another direction when in fact there is a mold issue to be at least further evaluated.

    In my limited but growing experience finding a really good indoor air quality expert (one that knows the shoe protocol if possible and one that doesn't do remedation for sure so there's no conflict) is really important. As I mentioned above, we had an assessment done by a well meaning environmental engineer five years ago that came up clean. In January I sent the Shoemaker white paper on mold assessments to the same guy and he said he couldn't meet those expectations but sent the white paper to a woman that specializes in mold assessment. The feedback was that the protocols were unnecessary so I moved on.

    Our shoe doc, who has dealt with mold issues herself, was a great resource and referred us to the guy we used.

    If someone is really wanting to assess mold I'd suggest finding a Shoemaker​ trained doc. There are some docs that know some of the shoe info on mold but may not know or follow it all. (I was told be a well meaning ENT that I didn't have MARCoNs and didn't need to be tested when the shoe doc in reviewing the results with us commented I had the worst case she'd ever seen)

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz would love info on filters. The house has been remediated but I still wonder about leftovers and other regular dust/allergens/chemicals...

  • The indoor air quality professional that we used to finally identify the mold contamination in our home does travel nationally​ to do mold assessments and he will consult with local IAQ professional and remediators as needed. He is aware of the Shoemaker protocol and the consensus statement put out by a group including Dr Shoemaker about mold assessments.

    Here's the contact info:

    Rich Finigan

    American Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services, Ltd.



    If there are a couple people in the same area I'd suggest trying to coordinate to share some of the travel costs.

  • Lizzy, I just PMed you info on the IQAir air purifiers.

    The IAQ professional we used to assess our home for mold suggested we continue to use the IQAir long term to filter any remaining or ambient mold spores as well as dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses.

  • Ty so much I did, haven't got to it but I sure will, I've been down the mold road b4

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz

  • Question; you mention 5 species tested with ERMI, but my ERMI test tests for 36 species. Do you think only testing for 5 is why your ERMI was less than accurate?

  • I find the opinions being totally opposite concerning to say the least. One says Marcons the worst... other says none. Yikes

  • Jay, please PM me the information too... thanks

  • Info on IQAir sent via PM

  • I'd like the info as well please. I've been using my friend's ozone air purifier temporarily, but need to research a filter for myself. Thanks!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz.. I am in a similar position. My ERMI came back as 1.18 and considered safe... but I am still not convinced.. Stachy came back with a count of 1.. have been told that even a 1 could mean trouble.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, I wasn't clear in my comment about the ERMI. The ERMI did test for all 36 types of mold. I took the 5 results from the types of mold that are used in the HERTSMI and plugged my numbers in to convert my data to a HERTSMI score and the resulting HERTSMI score was less favorable (using a subset of the same overall data) than the ERMI. So I kept looking and researching. Looking at the ERMI alone I could have been left with a false sense of security in my case.

  • Gotcha, I misunderstood, Thank you for clarifying.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz the ENT didn't run the MARCoNs test (even though I asked) because he said I didn't have it. I should have pushed harder. The shoe doc suggested the MARCoNs test to me before I asked.

  • I'm helping my elderly neighbors test their house. Would you mind helping me interpret the results?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz on how to convert the ERMI data to HERTSMI. I found the HERTSMI formula on line and inserted the data from the 5 mold types that the HERTSMI looks at into the HERTSMI formula to get an equivalent score.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz yes I did this.. score was a 4 and considered safe

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I'd be happy to do what I can to help. I'm no expert but my learning curve is steep!

    I was able to get into our house today with the remediation contractor and we explored a few more places to look and noodled on ways to get to different spaces to check for signs of mold.

    Mold remedation isn't rocket science but there are better ways than others to solve the problem. It is really HARD work on in a challenging uniform (full body tyvek suit with full face mask and often gear strapped to the back).

    I'm happy to report that progress looks good. They've done all the demolition and most of the remediation and with any luck will be done this week and ready for post remediation testing on Monday. And then we get to start putting it all back together!

    Someday I'll share the extent of the demo work but I think I need to see it all back together before I'm ready to share more on the demo.

  • I went through remediation last year here in my home. My buddy Deej and I did it ourselves. I feel your pain. ;)

  • How did you do it yourself? Seems risky to make you sick? Best to have air scrubbers and soda blasting and fungicide and sealants? All that stuff is more than I would want to tackle. Cudos for your initiative!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz have you consulted with an IAQ person that really knows mold? That was the really important step for us to know what we really had good on.

  • Jay, I was a contractor and Deej still is. My previous work involved rehabbing historical buildings, etc.... so we have some experience with this. We sealed off the space entirely, turned off HVAC, sealed return vents, etc...sprayed all contaminated areas with vinegar prior to removing (this helps reduce spores from becoming air borne) removed drywall, insulation, at least 3' up from where it was contaminated, bagged and sealed all debris, cleaned all surfaces with borax, sealed with sealant, etc... Removed and replaced bathroom vanity, threw out furniture that contained pressed wood....diffused thieves oil like crazy. We must have done a good job of it as I didn't become ill during remediation.