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Ilyse Arond Smith: A rheumatologist or a metabolic physician (bone) consultant but your GP or MD can order these blood tests. Google CTx blood test and P1NP blood test for an explantion of what they are. Stay away from an mono-clonal antibodies (Denosumab) re the teeth as it can cause osteocronosis (cancer of the jaw).

Suzanne Knuttila: I chose to take the forteo after breaking 5 vertebrae that were caused from simple things, coughing, sitting up in bed, a muscle spasm & turning my head to Kiss the top of my grandsons head. And out of all the drugs forteo is one that does not cause osteocronosis of the jaw. The others can. Forteo actually is the only osteoporosis drug that grows new bone. I have had a lot of dental issues and was very happy to know if I had to have one pulled I wouldn't have to fear the osteonecrosis like you do with the other drugs.

Sue Brennan: I use/used Actonel now and had minimal side effects. When I used Boniva several years ago, I had a bad reaction. I can tell a difference when I take it, the Actonel. Not sure if I want to continue taking it.I took Actonel for 3 years and it did absolutely nothing. I received 2 spinal fractures while I was on it. A lot of good it did. I have a total of 4 spinal fractures a rib fracture and an ankle fracture. I am a mess. I am now doing Prolia injections.

Karen Best Wright: I used Actonel for 1 year and had no problems with it. Since having my bad parathyroid removed and my T score improved like .3 we have discontinued the Actonel. I tried Prolia once, never again. I only had 1 Polia shot. No more. I got severely sick with a bacterial abdominal infection and spent 24 hours in the ER. Also had problems with losing too much weight. So now I am off all meds for my bones.

Beverley Clark: The Actonel drug is a bisphosphonate. Bisphosphonates are a cleaner used to remove soap scum off of bathroom room walls. It only costs them pennies to make the drug. So they make lots of money on selling it. But seriously, are you sure you want to ingest the poison that is used to clean soap scum off of walls. People ingest the stuff, they worry if it is going to be detrimental to their health. (5 pills ruined my health for a few years.) You didn't loose bone density because your body was low in bisphosphonates. Get some vitamin K.

Kathryn Cocco Schuller: Hi Beverley, My doctor prescribed Forteo....I can't take the bisphosphonates because I have had a bad reaction to them before but the Forteo is a teriparatide parathyroid hormone or PTH....the side effects are less horrible than the other options.

Desiree Lynne: Anyone else get bad pressure in your chest/heart area while taking Prolia? Like someone is squeezing your chest?

Desiree Lynne: That's exactly what I feel like something sitting on my chest it like someone wrapped a band around my chest and is pulling it tight. It's getting worse as the days go by.

Jo-anne Podmore: I was referred to a cardiologist & he couldn't find a cause. It felt like something sitting on my chest & I would wake up with it through the night.I didn't even think of it being a side effect to the Prolia until I read your post, & I have just realised that I haven't felt that feeling since the Prolia left my system ...... Thinking back, I had it the whole time I was on Prolia injections. I stopped the Prolia & the heaviness on my chest went away

Susan E. Capps: And, forgot to mention I had chest pains while on Fosamax. Little stabbing pains, and that is why I stopped it. I was tired of that happening. The big mistake was trying Actonel, which has really ruined my throat. No more of any of them for me.Once it is in your body...you can't remove it if you have a reaction. That is what happened to me and Actonel. I had a bad reaction and there is no way to stop it. Actonel is the month long drug...but it gave me what might be a lifetime disability. I call it a disability, but it is in my throat and digestive system. Still something I can't fix. YET...working on it.

Nancy Doss: I stopped Prolia after many side effects.

Claudia Moreno: Good afternoon, I live in Brazil and I have osteoporosis. I've used prolia and currently use osteoban. I used alendronate and made me very badly. You guys know the prolia, you know if the substance makes the least bad? Thank you.

Janice McDonald Catona: Didn't know Boniva had class action suit going. For me, Boniva and Actonel and Atellvia.

Victoria Ball: I used Forteo and the worst side effect was extreme tiredness. In the 21 months I used it I went from walking 4 miles a day to maybe 2 miles a week. It was just too hard to get off the couch and move. I lost muscle that at my age I'll never be able to get back. I haven't used anything for the last 5 years, am more active now - but nowhere near 4 miles a day - and have never had a fracture. The other thing about it is the black box warning - the strongest warning the FDA issues - that Forteo may cause osteosarcoma (bone cancer) Every time I stuck that needle into my thigh I wondered, "Is this the one that will give me cancer?"

Joy Eagle Walter: You know my story! But for those just tuning in, my answer to your question is yes! One pill! I now have issues swallowing and always feel there's a "burp" in my throat. Diagnosed as silent reflux. This is why I won't try any other osteo drugs. I applaud those who have no ill affects from them, but I seem to hit every odd!

Lyn de Perlaky: I was on actonel for two years. Developed gastritis which I have still got.

Linda Helen: I've tried 4 different meds & had really bad side effects. No more meds for me. I have tried evista, fosamax, boniva & forteo & refuse to try anymore meds. I'm 62 & have had osteo since 2005. Meds gave me side affects which I was not willing to ignore. So I'm now taking supplements & being active.I felt like I had no choice in stopping the meds. Fosamax gave me a 5 day migraine which I took so many Aspirins I developed high BP. My gyno told me the only way to find out if the migraines were caused by fosamax was to stop it then start up again. So I stopped it & never started up again. I changed gyno & he was surprised that she put me on bone meds. Then I tried boniva for 6 months. During this time I had 3 teeth eat itself from the inside. My dentist never seen this before. So I lost 3 teeth & was done with boniva. So then I tried forteo. All this happened over a few years.

Pamela Sasso Fazio: I took Evista for 2 months and got terrible calf cramps during the night. Stopped taking it. Check out Life Extensions recommendations for osteoporosis.

Magaidh Mackinnon: My 80 year old mum was put on Fosamax as some of you know, at the end of January, plus other calcium meds I had never seen before, despite her calcium levels being good. She has advanced heart failure, and taking lots of other meds. Last week she had an ultrasound scan for her liver, which is now enlarged. She had been vomiting daily since she began the Fosamax, and had nausea. Liver failure comes with heart failure in some patients but I can't help but wonder if there is a connection, with Fosamax. I have started her on a liver cleansing diet, aimed at reversing the enlarged liver. Today she felt good for the first time. She no longer takes osteoporosis meds and we have to rely on diet. Challenging with diabetes and diet for heart as well as liver. She saw me taking natural remedies for osteoporosis, educated in this group, and asked me to research a diet for her liver.

Becky Bee: Wow that looks exactly how my mom's fracture did, she got it in Fosamax

Lori Mckinnie: Reclast will kill you ,if it don't kill you .....it will do damage to everything in your body .....Please if you have ever had a gastric bypass ....Do not let your doctor talk you into it ..,..they do get kick backs from reclast

Linda Helen Fran Smales: I'm not seeing a doctor for my osteoporosis. I stopped going after I stopped taking forteo as he thought he could talk me into taking prolia. I have had so many side effects from 4 different meds I refuse to take anymore.

Lisa Rappolt Jackson: I'm still going off the fosamax it makes me ill and have more skeletal pain since beginning. I've had many surgeries from bone problems. I had sesmoid removed from my foot and now has a growth they did an MRI on. If you don't have money or good insurance your pretty much on your own, that's where this group comes in.

Bobbi Hollingsworth: Going to a specialist to have a tooth pulled. Was told by dentist that my jaw bone has shrunk. I will not be able to have an implant put in without building up that jaw bone. Prayers please as I am concerned for this procedure. I was on Alendronate for over a year which has caused other issues.The Alendronate I had taken has given me chronic indigestion, even from a bottle of water. I'm home resting now. I have mild gastritis, esophagus grade C and a hiatus hernia from the drus.

Jan Henderson: Okay I never thought of that but my dentures keep getting loose.

Lyn de Perlaky: I also have gastritis from taking actonel. Another health issue to deal with!

Tammy Demas: I'm 56 years old. I did Prolia injections 2 years. Last eight weeks lost 4 teeth and jaw problems. I'm not doing prescribed drugs ever again.

Ann Marie Kriegsman-Setlak: Beverley, Fosamax almost killed me put me in the hospital two nights. I was given heart medicine and meds for my esophagus.

Beverley Clark: I'm so sorry. I didn't know if I was going to live through the ordeal. Every joint in my body started to "click" and lost stability. I went from a 60km per day bicyclist to someone struggling to walk, almost over night.

Becky Bee: My mom's femur practically disintegrated on Fosamax- horrible fracture she got just standing up from the toilet.

Susan E. Capps: I took one Actonel and am still suffering the effects 7 years later. It caused Barrett’s Esophagus and what they are calling silent reflux and a throat problem that will never go away it seems. If that is the least harmful of the medications I would be in big trouble if I tried anything else.

Sue Brennan: I took Actonel for 3 years and it didn't do a thing. While I was on it I received 2 spinal fractures.

Linda Helen: Fosamax gave me migraines so I took Aspirin then I ended up with High blood pressure which then caused my Dr to prescribe medicine then I had side effects from the bp meds. All because of fosamax. My gyno told me that fosamax doesn't cause migraines but I could stop to see if the migraines stop. So I stopped & the migraines stopped, my bp went down & I got off the med. The migraines began within an hour or so of taking fosamax & continued for 5 days only to repeat itself the next week.

Julia Bratton Granger: I took 5 weeks of Fosamax and have had acid reflux ever since. I never had acid reflux before this.

Kathy Fox: That's what I took and had every side effect you could possibly get. My hips hurt so bad I couldn't sit up and the throat was closing up, among others.

Cathy Brown: Had osteonecrosis of the jaw after a root canal so had to stop taking fosamax

Amy Altmire Hendricks: Used fosamax for 3 weeks. Severe muscle cramps and bone pain. My legs collapsed. Never took the 4th pill feeling so much better

Stephanie West: I took it upon myself to STOP taking it. I already have bad muscle cramps and my jaw was hurting. Haven't told my doctor about, in all honesty I think I have given up..

Hazel Douglas: I was on Fosamax for 15yrs. In the last 2 years it has caused osteonecrosis of both my hips requiring urgent hip replacements and I'm currently in hospital as it a caused an atypical fracture of my femur - avascular necrosis set in at the fracture site requiring 2 further major operations! Apparently I'm "rare", "unlucky", "unfortunate" but it can be a nasty drug with BAD side effects.

Valerie Glick Mullen: They had me on boniva, then actonel, then prolia for 2 years. The prolia caused very serious problems including triggering viral antibodies inside me and now I have chronic epstein barr and chronic fatigue syndrome. Prolia is gong to kill more people than all these other drugs. It's made from ovaries of Chinese hamsters and really affects your immune system. I called Amgen, the manufacturer to verify how it's made and spoke to an attorney out there in California. He knew of someone who worked for them and quit due to information about this drug that the public does not know. But right now here in Florida big pharma makes it impossible to win a case over them. I would have a better chance going after the doctor who failed to tell me all about this drug. Just watch, they are starting commercials on the drug now how good it is, but I know it will prove to be a killer that it is to the body in the years to come. I had such horrible pain in the neck of my right femur while on this drug I could hardly walk then all the rocks you have to eat, 1200 mg calcium a day caused calcification in my left breast. Now after stopping this Frankenstein drug last June was my last injection, I am pain free and the calcification has almost disappeared from my breast. So much knowledge I gained and some of my health back. The Vitamin D wellness group and following their exact protocol saved my life and I found them through this group! My vitamin D was always low, and now it is over 96. And I can be sure the supplements are vetted and there are zero bad additives and fillers in them unlike the ones you eat from Walmart and CVS and Walgreens. Sorry this is so long, but so many are suffering out there with little or no information or truth and if it helped me I know it will help others. When I joined last September there were 4000 in the group. As of now it is over 10,000. Good luck!!!! It's great to be able to walk and not limp with zero pain. I was headed for a broken hip and heart attack and maybe even breast cancer!!!Chemo LIKELY caused my osteo in conjunction with the hyperparathyroid condition spotted by the blood work being done FOR the chemo work. Ha. The chemo also brought on early menopause, so there was that to contend with. This was back in the 80's and nobody (and I mean NO BODY) was even thinking about osteoporosis those days. Bisphosphonates drug hadn't been "invented" yet or DEXA scanners. Twenty years later, I developed another cancer node in my breast and at that time I opted for a double mastectomy. This time I refused chemo, and they wanted me on tamoxifen for 5 years. As no lymph nodes were involved, I refused. The first chemo was rough enough I didn't want to go through any more drug treatments. It took another 15 years for a doctor to suggest a bone scan and I was told I had osteoporosis. And of course, my doc suggested drugs. I am SO OVER DRUGS. They seem to always leave the body in worse condition, and really do not solve the problem. I have had better luck with surgery to cut out what CAN be removed and let the body adapt and heal itself form the assault. Now, bones cannot be surgically removed, so I'm opting to give them all the help I can with food, vitamins, and exercise to allow them to get back in the groove and make themselves stronger.

Warwick Bruce Smiley: I've had one shot of prolia, & I've lost energy, I'm lazy broke out in a rash, Until it read this , I'm just thought it was me, It's probably the Prolia, I've already said to myself not again.

Mike Milliron: So glad I got off it - now to hope that bone cancer is not the result of my Forteo for two years.

Nala Croxall: I take prolia and before I do any dental care I notified my endocrinology. I had lost my molar last December, and now I almost lost my teeth.

Esther Emeigh: This is horrific. Even more so the fact that the drug is still being pushed as a cure. It should be banned!!! Big Pharma will sell anything for the almighty dollar.

Shelley Chapman: This is so heart breaking! I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. These drugs are terrible for the body! All my doctor does is push all these drugs on me! Every time I try to take them, I get so sick or have tremendous bone pain. So, within a week or so of taking these drugs, I quit them! Fosamax and Boniva made my bones ache so bad, that I could not stand the pain! So, I quit them!! I even tried Forteo (just a few weeks ago), because my doctor highly suggested this drug. I instantly got dizzy, sick to my stomach, my heart raced terribly, and strangely my teeth started aching. I stopped this drug! There has got to be natural alternatives to help the bones.

Denise Bass Grossfuss: So glad I only took it for a year and finally stopped, though my doc told me not to. Screw him and them for this! Bravo to you for spreading the knowledge of the damage these meds can do!!!

Mandy Hood: I take Prolia also. I've had some side effects, including painful joints, sweats. General body pain. I'm due to have my 5th injection soon. October the 25th I have my second Dexa scan. I'm hoping that my readings have improved.

Catherine Isabella: Dasis Fletcher I wonder now why I have soooo much bone pain.I took Boniva injections for 4 years there was no change In my status so I quit.zIm full of bone pain. ugh !!.Too bad we can't sue these ppl.Its terrible what happened to her and the Dr's still try to push it on you .my Dr i have now wants me to try prolia.No No No I told him and now hearing this . And I have to have teeth work done and I'm scared to.

Anna Dickson: A few weeks ago I hurt my left arm. I thought that I had just pulled a muscle. I ended up going to A&E and to cut a long story short. I was diagnosed with Calcific Tendonitis . This means I have a buildup of calcium in my rotator cuff. I was told it was a long standing problem. I can only put it down to the Actonel that I took several years ago and I cant remember how long I took it for. Actonel is also a bisphosphonate. i am due to have the calcium removed in a few weeks time. If I hadn’t hurt my arm I would never have known what was lying underneath.

Gale Vincent: My jaw is being monitored for osteochronis because of bisphos and also prolia. I've now been off them for 2 years ... the horrible toxicity seems to have now left my body but I live in fear of my jaw deteriorating any further... I had no dental work but a slight infection around an old implant which triggered the bone deterioration . I think it's stopped. I will know after the next scan. I happily rattle with supplements and refuse to go back on the poisonous drugs . Maybe your friends images will help people get real about the dangers of these drugs and her pain will not have been in vain.

Helen Costa: From what I can see the side effects are worst than the OT, My mum has been on Actonel for a few years now and I am worried, I will never touch these drugs. another side effect is spontaneous fracture of the femur.

Harmz Saini: My specialist prescribed Actonel when I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I took it and realised how evil this family of drugs is. It made my bones hurt to the point where my mum had to help me up the stairs, my jaw hurt, I had ulcers in my mouth and oesophagus and read about other horrible side effects. I had to stop taking it because it was causing too much trouble. Pharma companies should be made to answer for making this poison for poor people who are just finding ways of dealing with their condition.

Kat Kitterlin: Been taking Forteo injections now for 3 weeks but for the last 2 weeks have really been having pain in my bones. I do not think it is agreeing with me. Not sure what will happen next. Going to call Forteo tomorrow and check on the pain problem. Already took Fosamax 5 years and the Osteoporosis is back worse than before.

Amy Altmire Hendricks: I was on fosamax for 3 weeks. The first week i had muscle cramps. 2nd week more muscle cramps that didn't go away. 3rd week my legs collapsed from pain. I am a fitness instructor in very good health. I did not take the last pill. It took 5 weeks to recover. My bones are not better but i feel great!

Gaetane Desharnais: Same thing happened to a friend of mine....debilitating pain in her legs,,,so bad that she stopped jogging and going to her fitness ctre... Pain completely stopped a couple weeks after she stopped taking her pill!

Joy Scaggs: I had my Reclast infusion in October 2016. That's when my nightmare began. Excruciating pain throughout my whole body . Nothing eased the pain it lasted for 18 hours straight before it started to ease. I've had more pain and other problems ever since. I will not have another infusion !

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