It s silly o clock time and I ve got up as hip pain keeping me awake yet again

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  • Happy birthday, u take meds and shots for this? Helps me but sleeping all night is a rare treat.

  • On methotrexate pen but to be honest don't think it's helping much. Now got pain in right shoulder. Could be from lying awkward though my clavicle sternum joint causes a lot of problems so all combined from wrist upwards. Due another steroid shot into clavicle but nothing come through yet. Also awaiting to see surgeon for carpal to be done as ulna bone swelling squashing median nerve. Seeing rheumy again 2 weeks time as had mtx reduced due to side effects.

  • I get Torodol shots but steroid shots help other people. I use creams, massage, prescription anti inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers. Mega vitamin with minerals, wrist and knee braces too

  • Happy birthday xx

  • Happy Birthday and many happy returns x

  • Happy birthday love hope you have a great day x.

  • happy bday

  • No muscle relaxers. Got wrist splints night and day. Got a week off work so can relax better.

  • Thanks everyone. Had a lovely day out with family x :-)

  • happy birthday xx

  • Sounds like my nite, and bday too