It has been an interesting week for me. I started off Monday feeling perfect

I wish I understood why this is all happening. I don't really understand how I could feel perfectly fine one minute and then the next in so much pain. No other family members that I know of have dd (although I learned my aunt has LD) and as far as cancer my dad had liver cancer caused by hepatitis. It appears I am the odd bird in the family. I never get sick, never catch the colds, always had a strong immune system. I am at a loss here. Just praying that somehow there is a mistake. I have already changed career paths over the dupuytrens. Something like this could put any career at a standstill for a long time. And I am a single parent to 2, and have custody of my teenage nephew.

On the plus side the progression of dd in my right hand seems to have paused over the past few months and the left hand while it continues to progress it is still mostly just impacting my pinky and ring fingers as well as my grip.

I probably will not be online much as all the medicines make me groggy. That plus I think I have checked this post for typos about 20x now. Hopefully I found them all.

Hope everyone has a good night. And any that are of the praying type wouldn't mind adding my little family and I to your prayer chains I would appreciate it.

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  • I didn't see when the surgery was. I'm planning to be out in lake Havasu in late June​. Maybe I can help.

  • We are here for you, Bee.

  • Thinking of you Bee, and praying you get the help you need to see you through this.

  • Praying for you.

  • Keep us informed. Hang in there!

  • Thinking about you!

  • Thinking about you, Bee.

  • Bee Boudjouk just catching-up. Sending prayers your way.

  • Prayers for your health