It has been a crazy week for me I have spent the last week in the hospital I...

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  • All so my o2 SATs dropped so low I was seeing things that we we not was bad.

  • One option that was presented to me was to try a desensitization protocol. a/sulfa.htm Dapsone is another possibility, but it can be rugged on the liver and I was on methotrexate at the time. Might be more possible now. Benadryl knocks me out...even a 1/2 dose. So that is not a great option for me.

  • Oh crap, Rebecca!

  • I know.right. One thing afted another....

  • Oh wow ! Rebecca, you have been through a crazy time ! and back up to 80mg ! Thinking of you an hope you can breath easier soon.

  • Im getting tired of it all

  • aww god bless Rebecca Summers.

  • Ohhhhh.....I bet you are.....sending hugs.....

  • Keeping you in prayers, Rebecca. These set backs are a bugger.

  • You're in my prayers!!!