Is it Fibro or Osteo Is a Rhematologist what I need referal for Not that it...

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  • Definitely should see a Rheumatologist. There's a fine line between symptoms of Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis & other causes of joint pain, although a lot of treatment crosses over to both conditions, some is individualised to each condition. There are billions of medical conditions, but the body only has hundreds of symptoms available to tell you what's going on & a Rheumatologist can hopefully differentiate between them.

  • Thank You Smiley Rie I was first DX w Fibro in 94 by a Rheumatologist.... Recently osteo of knees and lower back by orthopedist. But we left FL before hips . The cold in WV not helping much.

  • Have you seen a Rheumatologist in the past few years? Fibromyalgia diagnosis has changed now that Drs know more.

  • I have not was under a neuro while in FL. No docs here in WV yet. I have a neuro disorder as well as Fibro and Osteo....swear they take turns...right now Osteo more in the lead.

  • Definitely time to see a Rheumatologist then. Might be worth asking on this page for recommendations of a good one, although even a "best Rheumatologist in West V" google search can turn up someone with good reviews.

    And I know what you mean about conditions taking turns. Very annoying of them lol

  • Rheumatology was the one that diagnosed both my Fibro (2004), and my OA (1992).

    When my OA started back then it was only one joint. Not anymore. I have it throughout almost my entire body.

  • I know what you mean but mine is from hips down. Gentle hugs.

  • Sorry hat you are dealing with that too.