Is anyone familiar with the Cowden protocol Wondering about recovery stories...

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  • Good info, thanks Cathy. I have been on abx for years. Not sure what they have done for sure. I know that nutramedix is also used for keeping people well. I hope we hear from others too about it.

  • I was on cowden for the six months; it helped me greatly.

  • Thank you, Suzen and Debi!! That's encouraging!! Suzen - are you now recovered from Lyme? Can I ask, how long each of you have had Lyme before getting on Cowden's herbs?

  • Wow, Debi! Sounds like you have found the right doc!!! That's awesome! Thank you for sharing - very encouraging! Have you heard of the facebook group, "LYME: I've gotten my life back?" It is a very encouraging page, as folks share their success stories -even those little baby steps, which we need to celebrate if the road ahead is a little long.... Just think, with each day, you are getting closer to being healed!!!

  • Had a lot of success with Samento & this combo...I have sent Dr. Cowden questions on facebook and he answers very promptly- very impressed..

  • TY, Jackie - I have put in a 'friend request' - hoping to find a LLMD who uses his protocol in the Northern Virginia area. Would you mind sharing how long you were sick before getting treated for Lyme? Thanks!!!

  • I was bit in August 2008, shoulder pain symptom started in Oct 08..diagnosed in Feb 09...been in treatment since- doing well/back working...added in Cowden's about 1 year into treatment & did it for about a a year + (mainly just samento and banderol)...

  • What was funny with the samento & I decided to do this- myself- full dosage & felt almost an immediate reduction in symptoms & much, much better...and then Dr. Eva Sapi released her study showing its was so ironic that i had decided on these two together...

  • We take many of the NutraMedix products, but use a different approach to treating. Cowden's protocol would have been too much too fast for us. These herbs are excellent and REALLY work. Dana Rivera, some people need to take fractional amounts of Samento to start (i.e. 1/2 drop or 1/4 a drop or less twice a day).

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, I PM'd you and would love to know who your LLMD is.