Is anyone else having real trouble with the Pollen Never had allergies before...

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  • I didn't feel like you were lecturing me silly. I know you are just trying to help and Ii do believe that diet is huge!!! It's just so hard to learn what to cook, lol.

  • any little ol smell sets my allergies off.

  • do you feel like it's hard to breath? I'm new to this allergie stuff, lol. Is that a symptom?

  • I've never been tested for allergies. God did that hurt? lol

  • no not at a little bit not to bad tho, everyone on my arm was pos, and some on my back,

  • is so fast on the back you really don't feel it. now on the arm they take a needles and put it under the skin and inject stuff but its not that bad ether, it was worth it to see what I was allergic to, I'm gonna hat going to get a food one done lol

  • I'll have to check into this

  • Yes I have to take nose spray, allergy pills, and an inhaler

  • yes real bad...some days are worst then others tho