In a round about way I heard about a weggie in the Denver area who also has...

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  • Yikes, that's scary

  • No, I haven't heard. Isn't Carys from Colorado? Maybe she has heard something.

  • Most of the cases around here only about 3 this year have already had immunosuppressed systems.

  • My cousin, in Phoenix, actually contracted WN and almost died. This was just 3 years ago :(

  • Since FL is always buggy we have huge planes that dump God knows what out of the plane to kill the bugs. I have to say it works though.

  • they do that around here when they find mosquitos that carry the virus.

  • we are weggies from Co and I haven't heard of anyone. But doesn't mean that its not true :/ Will keep an ear open. Scary though as if weggies need any more issues.

  • Thanks. This may be someone who hasn't reached out to other weggies, but apparently he's in bad condition, so this isn't the time to say, "Hey, guess what! There's a FB group for you." Still, I feel bad for him being alone, w/o other weggies.

  • My cousin is the one who told me about this guy. He will be using my cousin's interferon, but it's a friend of a friend, so I don't know the patient's name. I did ask my cousin to keep me updated and I will pass on anything I hear. We're all brothers and sisters in this vasculitis fight.