I went to sleep and woke with a horrible nightmare n was crying my eyes out

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  • Hi Linda, we hear you.

  • Linda there are some things you can do to help when you've had a bad nightmare or are awakened by one...msg me.

  • I drempt my hubby didn't strap our son into his wheel chr n someone took him while we were out or he stumbled away..he can walk but not far..then my hubby wasss trying to talk me into adopting these robot children as replacement children...I was criying n these robot kids were begging to come home with me n I kept cring tht we had to find jimmy n I tried to walk but was in so mch pain in my dream everything hurt jst like now....I woke up really having at it with the water works....nobody heard me....then I drempt tht something bit our dogs head n there was blood all over the place...so mch terror....xox

  • Krista I will p.m. u. Xo thank u...

  • Luba n gordon...u r up yet? :-) xoxoxoxo

  • Krista I had to friend u first n jst did thanks!

  • And no I didn't eat pizza bfore I went to bed. Loll xxoo

  • Sorry about your nightmare Linda. Hope your feeling better! Had a dream the other night my dogs tail fell off. Weird dream it was so real.