I went to my new Rheumy and he repeated all my bloodwork and all my Sjogren...

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  • yes, many of us have low Vitamin D levels.

  • That is what I thought ....I go in June to get a re-check and I was put on Vitamin D 2000 iu once daily

  • i take that strength every other day. So far my Vitamin D levels are okay, but then I live in Florida where the sun shines a whole lot.

  • I would love to be in Florida lol ...I work inside and don't get a lot of sunshine ...I didn't know that Vit D would solve my insomnia issue too...it really is wonderful :)

  • it can help cure leg cramps too in the right dosage.

  • I have had sjogrens for 20 yrs at this point and am allergic to the sun. A year on my own and vitamin D deficiency developed along with B12. B12 came right back and assume D did as was not mentioned again.

  • my vitamin d is fine but b12 is low