I was wondering if anyone out there can give me some pain Med advice I have...

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  • I found out eliminating all dairy and grains helped eliminate some stomach pain. Change out milk to almond milk. Dont eat any gassy type foods. Take a probiotic. Extra vit c and magnesium.

    Check your bowel for slow or blockage if u havent done that yet. Linzess is next step beyond that a stimulator. I told my family if linzess doesnt work well the rest is history.

  • Ldn or ketamine Infusions or ketamine torches

  • My stomach issues is that I vomit at least once a day and no appitite at all. I do use ketamine and have my monthly infusions but I was looking for a rapid pain relief because I seem to vomit and do not get the pain relief from it. I have lost about 20 lbs in a month. My bowels are fine just can't stop throwing up. I need something that works rapidly so I can get some quick pain relief. Thank you all for your help

  • Has anyone ever tried immediate release morphine?

  • R u taking any meds to prevent u from throwing up. My neurologist has. Me on prochlorper 10 mg something u may call dr to prescribe

  • This med really helps me from throwing up

  • Really thank you I will ask him. You have the same problem too?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz does your doctor know why you vomit too? What do you for your pain?

  • Marijuana. It will work wonders for your tummy!

  • Throwing up has to do with nerves in gut and brain. I changed my diet massively and that has helped thanks to gastroentroligist. No coffee or soda or tea anything acidic is out.

    Organtic apple cider vinegar two tabelspoons with stevia water helps balance ph of stomach.

  • Pain in stomach went from unbearable to tolerable

  • Thanks all for your help!

  • This sounds like what happened to my friend. Ask your doc to investigate gastroparesis for you. God bless and good luck.

  • That is what I use for breakthrough pain....but it's not very "immediate"...it takes almost as n hour to take effect. Have you tried Stadol nasal spray??

  • Never heard of it, I will look it up thank you!