I was recently told buy a chiropractor that costochondritis is caused by locked...

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  • I think it has multiple causes, that being one

  • I have been to a chiropractor 6-8 times or so. My chest hurts less now so I think I've found the cause for my costochondritis. But my back keeps locking up again so I have to go back until that problem is fixed.

  • I go to a Gonstead practicioner. I think it's important to find a chiropractor who's actually able and willing to help.


  • Chiropractor has definitely helped me. I just go as soon as it starts to flare up, a couple times if needed, and it has made a significant difference.

  • Yes this is true i took my 18 year old dsughter to an ostheo he said it was all coming from her back he treated her twice abs she has not had an attack in over 4 months

  • Chiropractic adjustments make mine worse. I don't know if everyone diagnosed with costocondritis actually has it. I believe that if the chiropractor can help its a problem with the ribs being out of place, but if they make it worse it's probably costo. Inflammation around the area, in the sternum, center of the back, under the breast, etc. causing pain and that loose feeling doesn't respond to ribs being forced by a chiropractor, at least not for me. Actual costochondritis is a common overlapping condition with Fibromyalgia, which has a hallmark of severe inflammation. Costo and dislocated ribs seem like opposites to me. Just my opinion.

  • I was told that it is inflammation of the cartilage in the rib cage and a form of arthritis.

  • Thats what my doctor said

  • Ive had it for 13moths

  • That's what I read in the great Fibromyalgia book I have, and standard chiropractic isn't good for that. Hurts even worse.

  • Have u tried a massage therapist?

  • I did a few streches, on the floor,

    That i saw on a vidio, for costochondritis, and i put myself in a flair

  • Yes. And it's the total opposite of chiropractic. Unfortunately I can no longer afford it.

  • Same here...

  • I hope you find something that works for you..

  • Thank you.

  • Beware if treting Costo with a Chiropractor.

  • The chiro is only party correct ... the correct statement would have been .... it "can" be caused by that ... not "is" caused by that

  • It IS inflammation of the cartilage, it is NOT any form of arthritis though

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  • Lyn Lennox agree with you! so many useless doctors out there!!

  • I believe its different reasons why someone may get it. But i know for me it had nothing to do with muscles etc... I have Lupus and i do Yoga, and occasional meditation,,so no locking up, tense back here,, and no matter how relaxed iam, i still have Costo,, so i dont reckon the Chiro's are fully right.

  • Thanks Diana Clacy

    I appreciate you're comment, so it really doesn't matter, you can still

    Have costochondritis, even if you do Yoga , i used to do yoga 3 years

    Ago, and i messed up my intercostle muscles on my right side, after that i was afraid to continue with it. Then 14 months ago, i was diagnosed with Costochondrits in my upper chest.