I was in the ER Saturday night for what I was sure was a problem with my spleen

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  • Prayers for you, Beautiful. XOXOXOXO

  • OH.MY.GOD....I have been having this EXACT SAME issue!!! It started last year and was a dull, intermittent, very rarely sharp pain. Then would go away for a few weeks, and then come back. I had been working out hard with a trainer so just thought I pulled a muscle. It would not go away though months later. My rheumy wrote a script for an ultrasound, which I never had done bc miraculously the week he wrote the script the pain went away (go figure-Murphys law). Then it started again recently. It's been on my mind for 3 days straight and has me worried! I am planning on digging that script out tomorrow and scheduling the ultrasound. I notice mine is worse when sitting. I'm am racking my brain as to what it could be

  • So sorry to hear this. Sending you hugs and prayers. ♡

  • I do chemo for Behçets. This is my 4th attempt/3rd chemo medication. I'm doing my 4th infusion Friday. Then, 2 more after this. Then, I start a year of daily oral chemo. My pain is minimal if I hold still but if I move in any way, BAM!

  • You are definitely in my prayers God is bigger than anything attacking our body God Bless.keep the faith

  • Also have they simply tested your urine? It could be a kidney infection with that kind of pain.

  • Great point .

  • You can still get stones and bile duct inflammation I think

  • I've had a few UAs recently.

  • Have had this for years and it still remains a mystery to everyone in my circle. Love,light and hugs! ❤

  • Dr dx me with shingles w/o the rash. Had a chest x Ray which turned up mild basilar atelectasis so I'm getting a chest CT now.

  • Glad it's getting sorted. Hoping you feel better soon ❤

  • Interesting Trish. I've had this type of Shingles attack a couple of times now where the pain is diffuse, extreme & wraps around one side of my trunk. Once accompanied by a single blister on arm on same side, which I thought at first was sun sensitive reaction to Doxy. Who knows what triggered what b/c had been on plane flight to a holiday destination, overdone the sun & activity plus been on antibiotics.

    Another time no rash for clue.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzTipple. I had endometriosis when I was young. It can be terrible painful. The good news is if you definitely don't want more children you can have an endometrial ablation. They use a laser to cauterize the lining of the uterus. From then on no pain no periods nothing

    It's a blessing dear. Just info in case someone needs it

  • Thank you Kimberlee Pitts they need to do something, it really is getting beyond a joke now , when this pain kicks in its unbearable :(

  • <3