I was diagnosed with AS two weeks ago I m also 22 weeks pregnant and haven...

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  • I had to eat starch while pregnant and felt better than not eating it. After baby was born I went back to really low starch and I even find during parts of my cycle I do better with a little more starch, so do listen to your body and what it needs.

    I can eat loads of root veggies like sweet potato and taro without any pain. It's when I have rice, white potato, wheat or corn that I have issues. Look up resistant starches and see if you can eat those alright.

    My Dr recommended I eat according to the whole 30 diet which is a whole foods diet and after pregnancy I could go on autoimmune protocol.

  • I could not live without starch when I was pregnant but still ate gluten free. I've never had an issue being low starch and grain free while breastfeeding, but you will need to monitor your calories, your milk supply, and baby's growth to make sure you're all getting what you need. If you have questions or concerns postpartum about breastfeeding and nutrition or anything breastfeeding related work with an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant). They are who are actually trained to answers your questions and help you. MDs get hardly any training in this area.

  • Gee, in past ages Inuit moms did just fine but not a lot of blubber around I suppose...

  • I would eat lots of non-starch fruits to get your carbs in. You will get a lot more vitamins from the fruit too rather than starches like rice

  • Sometimes low carb diets can decrease milk supply. Up your fats like someone said. I actually went in to remission as long as I was breastfeeding. So fee your baby a long time! I felt amazing while breastfeeding, as soon as I quit the pain came back and I longed for that remission again.

  • Me too. I was gone during the day and not nursing the toddler as much and symptoms started coming back and then when my menstrual cycle came back I was in a full blown flare and have been a train wreck for two months now

  • I was v low starch before pregnancy and the only reason I started eating it again was because of awful morning sickness making me only stomach certain foods (unfortunately some were starchy - could only eat a packet of crisps some days!). I'm now gluten free as sickness has eased but still there. I plan on v low starch as soon as I can stomach it, hopefully whilst still pregnant. Research shows that 2/3rds of people have a flair in the first 6months of delivery. I'd like to avoid that if at all possible. I currently have SPD at 26 weeks and been bedridden / housebound in great deal of pain for past 3 weeks. I'm done with pain!!!

  • I breastfed for 2 years on a no starch diet. I did no starch because they wanted me to stop breastfeeding do I could take humira or remicade. I said no, and that's when I found the kickAS site and the no starch diet. I ate a lot of cheese

  • I wish I had this knowledge! I was diagnosed way after my two children were born . I always thought my pain was normal X

  • Some people here have had good luck with sticky varieties of rice (but please rinse well before cooking to reduce arsenic) and waxy potato varieties (highly recommend eating only organic potatoes). And organic sweet potatoes will at least give you lots of vitamins with your starch! Being gluten-free may mean you are probably not eating foods that are supplemented with folate; if you are taking a prenatal vitamin that should not be an issue (and I'm not sure how important this is at 22 weeks anyway as I think the folate deficiency risk relates to early neural tube development, but I'm no expert).

  • Great advice! I was wondering how low starch could effect milk supply. I'll definitely look into a lactation consultant when the baby is born.

  • Doctors get zero lactation and nutrition training so a lot of times they're just parroting popular culture pseudo science like the food pyramid that was developed by the food industry and not based on research

  • I hope that's the case with this one. I had a few bad flares when I was pregnant and breastfeeding with my daughter a couple years ago.

  • Big vats of veggie soup with bone broth are my go to postpartum recovery food. You need fat, fiber, fluid and sodium when you're breastfeeding. I don't know that you need "starch." Also protein and veggie/fruit smoothies with extra oil were always a great way to get extra calories in. Eating with a new baby is hard so a soup or smoothie you can sip from a cup while holding baby is much easier and also allows for large batches. You can even make your soups or bone broth before baby is here and freeze them

  • I had a couple bad flares when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my daughter. I hope that isn't the case with this pregnancy. Only time will tell.

    I'm so sorry you've been bedridden. A couple weeks ago (same day I got my AS diagnosis), My OB told me I had placenta previa and I would likely be bedridden . It was a lot to take in in one day. My high risk pregnancy Dr cleared me though... thank god! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well for you and the pain subsides.

  • I'm with you on refusing meds. I won't knock other people for taking them but I'd rather try natural options first before going that route. I didn't think about keeping dairy in but it makes sense for extra calories. Maybe I'll give that a try.

  • I've been suffering since 2008 without a diagnosis. Always chalked it up to having a "bad back." It wasn't until I got inflammation in my eyes that I was referred to a rheumatologist. Sucks I didn't know sooner, but I'm glad to finally know what's been causing me all this pain over the years. I feel like I can finally start the healing process now that I know I have AS.

  • Yes, my diagnosis also came by my putting 2 and 2 together after my first serious Uveitis, then Crohns flare up! Prior to that AS pain all my adult life. Currently my Uveitis is very severe, I'm another special case ha! X

  • Are you following the no starch diet Annabelle?

  • Thank you. I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis and complications. It's good to know I'm not alone - if that makes sense.

  • Yes, I was no starch for about two years which helped AS and Crohns but Uveitis currently unconquered. I did lapse to low starch which is probably why I am paying the price long term! My current Uveitis resistant to ALL steroids (eye drops, injections, oral). Time to go no starch again if my willpower allows!

  • Sorry to hear about your Uveitis. Hope it clears up soon!

  • Thanks and I totally understand what you mean. There's comfort in knowing other people can relate to what you're going through. Hugs ❤️

  • I had a flare with both kids around 20 weeks. I had another close to after delivery, but then after that it was smooth sailing for as long as I was breastfeeding. Good luck!

  • Omg I didn't think of that correlation! Lol is it too late to get my 4 year old EBF??? Lol

  • I know right! Either feed them until they are 5, or keep pumping and donate milk.

  • There is no biological reason for eating starch. If you fear that very low carb could somehow hurt your or the baby's health while being pregnant, just eat enough, nuts, fruits and non-starchy vegetables.