I want to post and say good morning to all our wonderful peeps in group

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  • Would your husband be a jealous and possessive man? I was married to one for nearly 25 years. Wasn't allowed out with my friends. If he saw me talking to somebody at work I was asked was I having an affair. I couod write a book about it. To top it all it was him who was having an affair. My turn to exit!!!

  • I think your ex and my grump sound alike. This is why Im making my exit when I am.

  • Good luck. I met a wonderful man who cares and looks after me. Hope you do the same.

  • I dont think I could cope with that! My hubbies the total opposite he never asks me where I am going or with who, one of my best friends before we met is male & he's become really good friends with him & 2 of my best friends are ex's of his lol, perhaps a bit strange but it works & although we have been together nearly 18 years we are like best friends as well. He does have his faults too, he's very grumpy when he's hungry & loses everything but mostly I'm lucky

  • Im sorry

  • Hope your day went well. I live by myself and love it. No grumpy unless it's me and the dog's don't pass judgment. Cortisone shot tomorrow.

  • Morning Lanna,

    Hope you have a good day

  • I don't plan on remarrying Jenny Thomas. My husband Pat and I were childhood playmates starting at the age of 3 and 8. We remet when we were 18 and 23. We were in each other's lives for 34 yrs while he beat the odds of being alive since the age of 18. I know now who really and unconditionally loved me and I loved him.

  • I hope your shot gives you some relief Janet. My son has had 2 of them in his low lumbar in the past 6 months as his L4/5 is herniated.

  • Hello Kim White. I'll be posting an update as I need to vent here in a few minutes..

  • Thanks sometimes it works other times not so much.

  • I totally agree. I had two of them, and they really didn't help me. All I know is he is still working and is still doing at home too, so my hat is off to him.. Hope it helps you.

  • form of control in a way but worryed and i know its not my buisness x

  • Grumpy here can be awkward about me being on Facebook..... and a couple of weeks ago he questioned me about wether I was actually at a hospital appointment as I'd been out so long..... so waved the report of the appointment under his nose, it'd taken so long as had a consult, then a CAT scan and then a longer consult.... he knows full well how long it can take when you get sent off for scans, x-rays etc.....I do try not to be on here too much when he is about as can't listen to him rabbitting on while trying to comment/post etc....

  • Thank you for your concern and I am too well aware of what he is doing. I've had domestic violence counseling for spouses before along with my regular counseling that I've done for part of my own health reasons. Rest assured, I know what I am dealing with and how to handle it until I move out. Certain things have to take place first and foremost.

  • Shot not that efficient. Grrr.

  • Sorry to hear Janet. Those shots weren't that effective on me either. I only had two of them and decided no more. My son has had 2 in the last 6 months so he can continue to work. This is why I'm thinking of talking to him about see if his wife and him would consider us all moving in together and helping each other physically, and financially. I know how hard they have had it living with his sister. With me, my room would be for Jax and I and I would have my bed and recliner in there..