I ve just started a 2 week Pain Management course at St Vincent s in Brisbane

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  • I have accepted that pain will always be part of my day. Years ago I left Emergency Medical to be a teacher. Worked my way up to school administrator. After 19 yrs, I'm leaving education. My OA is severe and in my spine, hands, wrists, elbows, knees & feet.

    I do what I can everyday, but know pain is just part of the doing. I haven't found anything that works.

  • If I find anything I'll share it. Still looking for the magic wand tree too. It has to be somewhere...

  • In pain if l do and pain if l don't, so l try to make the most of what l can do. I do Tai Chi twice a week and find it really beneficial. Advised not to swim but missed it too much, so now just do what l can. xx

  • I think medicine hasn't advanced enough to make the magic wand yet.

  • Why no swimming?

  • I don't know, l thought swimming would've been good for me. Told my GP how sore l was after swimming and she advised against it. Suggested aquacise instead. xx

  • Ooh I've accepted that I'll always have pain. But what I'm having a problem with now is that I've added to my pain with other conditions and I don't think that's fair. I know that sounds like a little kid but that's how I feel about it.

  • Hydrotherapy seems to be highly recommended - first session tomorrow. I guess swimming laps is a lot harder on the body than a range of gentle exercises in water?

  • Waiting for a referral for the physio and hydro therapy. I'm always sore after swimming but enjoy it so much it's hard to give up.