I ve had such a horrible day. I found out last night my nieces Little girl

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  • ((Hugs)) x

  • .Sending love, hugs and prayers

  • Thank you xx

  • What stage was she at? Was she generally unwell but no spots at that stage, or did she have the rash or, had she had German measles and was now getting better?

  • OMG I hope and pray everything will be okay!

  • She seemed ok at our house. Then the Tuesday she came out in the rash and was poorly. My youngest is really poorly too. Temp is 39. She's got no rash though. X

  • Thank you. Had part of my blood results today. It just showed I didn't have German measles in my system. I still don't know if I'm immune or not. Second lot hadn't come back. X

  • Steph did you never get vaccinated against Rubella? Most women these days have.

  • I definitely will pray for good results..keep faith I know it's hard especially with your situation but just pray..

  • I've had them as a kid like I should. But never in adulthood. I've heard a lot of woman have the vac too. But I've never even been told about it

  • Thanks hun. Well yesterday the drs receptionist said I didn't have rubella. I asked did this mean I'm immune? Said no just means you didn't have it when bloods was taken. Asked today about the second part for parvovirus and they said I didn't have that but waiting on rubella...I said I was told yesterday I haven't got that. But no, the results ain't back yet. So still none the wiser ....angry I was told this. X

  • Steph, you have had the MMR vaccine, therfor you are immune. You do not have german measles and should not get it.