I ve had costochrondritis for over 18 months now getting worse by the day...

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  • Stretching exercises, posture, TENS machine, heat, turmeric golden paste, getting away from stress, time ! An elderly doctor said costo takes two years. Mine is still chronic but has much improved and I can generally cope. It took more than two years to get to this stage though, from debilitating pain to dull ache mostly now. Best wishes.

  • Look up the video on youtube: 'How to fix (most) costochondritis. Watch it and he recommends the Backpod. I broke down and ordered a backpod. I've only used it 4 times so I don't know yet how it will work out but some sa it has helped them so much. Worth a try. I also recommend walking daily. Due to depression I struggle to make myself walk regularly but when I did walk daily I had no flares except maybe once amonth for a few hours. I have started to walk again starting yesterday. We will see if it helps like it did last time. The backpod can take a few weeks to help so I won't know just yet.

  • go to www.celasers.com and find someone with a MLS laser. Its a class IV laser that stimulates cells to heal faster

  • Im with you on this, so sick of not being able to do anything. Changes your life...

  • Have your vitamin D levels checked

  • How you tackle it needs to be based on what caused it. There is no point, for example, using a back pod if it's caused by infection or injury, just like there's no point in using a different diet if your costo is caused by bad posture ... do you see where I'm coming from? There is no "one size fits all" answer I'm afraid. If you havent done so already then please read through the pinned post at the top of the page. There are lots of links to useful info there

  • Thank you people for your responses

    I'm going for am xrays and you see a specialist in the city

  • Mine is from bad posture pretty sure. I sat at a desk on a computer always hunched over. So I am hoping the backpod helps me.

  • what if it was a long cough that you had?

  • Elizabeth same as me.... time really. Use antiinflammatories if/when needed. Heat and ice. You can try antiinflammatory foods etc in your diet, works for some, not for others. I tried turmeric with cucumin boost... works for some, didn't for me. It's all trial, error and patience. The one thing I would say.... Keep positive. Think positively. Do NOT let costo own or define you. Don't sit curled up feeling sorry for yourself no matter how tempting, (and yes it's very tempting at times). Don't let it stop you living your life, slow it down yes, rest yes, but don't sit doing nothing all the time x

  • thanks. How long have you had yours? I never use heat as it's like throwing gasoline on a fire with me. Anything Cold or ice to put that fire out, I do.

  • About two and a half years. It's manageable now. Most times just a dull ache, not like it was at the start with real high end pain and the shooting pains that make everyone think "heart attack". Occasionally I get the feeling that it's going to flare badly, particularly if I've been wearing a bra for too long. At that point the bra comes off and I slow down

  • Good luck Shanna, but remember to improve your posture too or you'll be in a no win situation x

  • Don't know how i could live with it for 2 years. I'm on meloxicam and it takes the pain away to a dull ache. Im scared to get off of it.

  • You'll manage Elizabeth, just stay positive x

  • I'm not sure which of these worked, but I've been basically costo pain free for weeks. I started drinking more water, taking a multi pill with magnesium, calcium, zinc, and D3, taking msm powder, and using a magnesium spray. I do take 10mg of Amitriptiline at night also, and I stretch gently every night on my excercise ball. My 3 yr old grandson has been here to visit for the last week, and I've been picking him up and carrying him everywhere without a flare up.

  • I would love to hear more about the doctor and his theory on the two year timeline . I am close to 2 and hope he is freaking right!

  • A multivitamin with magnesium calcium zinc and D3 in it or separate?

  • It has all 4 in 1

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz , I have a friend with costo too. She saw an elderly GP (UK) who called the condition "sticky ribs" and said it took about two years to heal. My GP doesn't believe me when I've told him its chronic despite an experienced rheumotologist dispagnosing me as chronic! But I've seen another GP who said "poor thing" and recommends amicriplytine on an "as and when" basis to help with nighttime discomfort and sleep. The rheumotologist I saw was Russian. She said she believes costo is related to a viral infection. I still believe it's "wear and tear" relating to how I've used my body at work, renovating houses etc. She disagreed! She also said the chronic cases are minority and we are the "unlucky" ones. She said it's not age related as she sees many young people when I asked about that too. She said only treatment is to try "alternative medicines" but did refer me to a NHS physio. The physio got me moving again (pain was debilitating) . Four years on I'm much better (though it's still chronic ) I do stretching exercise regularly throughout the day, look at posture, take fish oils and turmeric golden paste, left a stressful job in a cold environment. Costo is now usually a dull ache if I don't lift too much and concentrate on how I use my body. GOOD LUCK... I know someone who had costo for six months but it hasn't reoccurred ... It's different for everyone in my opinion.

  • how long do you stay on the back pod each day?

  • Jessica - what are you doing in terms of diet?

  • Diet, as a result of this I cannot work. Since I went from making 1500 every 2 weeks. To getting 400 a month. I make sure I have meals for my children. I do eat but not like I should. You have some advice?

  • no, i am new to this- but on here I heard no sugar, no wheat, no refined stuff, and drink tons of water. I did that for a day and felt better- (I also took fish oil supplements and ginger supplements). Yesterday I was short on time and ate a raman noodle cup, a danish and chef boyardee raviolis straight from the can. And the pain was much worse over night last night. Might be random ebb and flow, might be diet. Hoping it's diet, cause I can control that!

    Trying to eat salad and eggs today and nothing else, to see if it makes a difference. I would eat anything to make this pain ease. (and eggs are cheap!)