I ve got DC in both hands and LD in both feet It is particularly bad in my...

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  • I have the same as you, with only one procedure done (NA) on my pinkie. My doctor said I would be back every year. I started RT 2 months after the NA in hopes of preventing that but 4 months after round one I'm already at 40 degrees. I go for round two this coming week. RT on feet so far not helping and I'm exercise limited due to pain - was a dancer just a year ago.

  • I have looked for cryosurgery around Chicago and found nothing. Do you have someone in St. Louis? That is not so far away. I really don't need it right now. Just thinking of the future.

  • BTW, RT worked well for me on both hands and feet.

  • No, I used to travel often to NYC. I have it done by the Foot Freezer - Terry Spilken.

  • I have had surgery for DD with great success on one hand. No.Prob

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz we pack up the camper, and fix the hands with Dr. Pess and the feet with Dr. Spilliken's replacement (He retired I think.). I don't need either right now, thanks to RT.

  • Sorry, no problems in 4 years. Now I have DD on the other hand.Also now I have LD on both feet. I just had RT on all 3 last week. I can barely walk for the pain. Sick of pain pills.Surgoen want to take tendon out of both feet. So I am giving RT a shot.Good luck

  • Owen, what is the name of your hand surgeon?

  • I had it done at andrews institute in Gulf Breeze ,Fl. They also have a office in Birmingham, AL. These people work on Pro athletes and super stars. No better place. In the 4 years since surgery on my hand my surgeon left(stil

  • Sorry finger still straight but my surgeon left the group.Im sure whoever replaced him is super. Again no better place for DD.ImHO

  • BTW if I have to hav surgery on my little finger on my other hand Andrews will be the place. Sometimes u think this is a never ending battle.