I ve been struggling as of late Having a flare hurt my back and now I have...

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  • Minute to minute!!!

  • You poor thing! Rest, rest and more rest. I got food poisoning last year and having that on top of BD was NOT fun. Sending love xxx

  • Thanks Rhonda Kemp Woodward. You too.

  • Thanks Fay Sweeting.

  • You poor woman!! Do your best to rest and be sure to keep hydrated, maybe some type of sports drink with electrolytes in it, small "frequent" sips so it stays down. Is there someone else that can take the dog out for you? Feel better soon my fellow BD warrior!! I hate this disease!

  • God Bless you!!! Food poisoning and Behcets! Lordy!!!!!

  • Sending you hugs and healing x So many sick right now

  • Thank you Beth Howe and Anna-Lisa Tatar Coleman.