I think my die off from culturelle is starting I had my worst POTS attack in...

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  • I'm just starting it this weekend. There is so much information on the different supplements I'm trying to keep track. I have POTS, and I don't like the idea of it getting tougher, but if the end results are worth it I'm in!

  • I am lucky in that I have a mild case and have never passed out. I've gotten close but never actually so this was weird for me. I'm just over a week on it so don't plan anything next Monday if you can.

  • I might wait until I have several days off from work and see if I can get done help with the kids. I haven't passed out, but I do black out visually and lose my hearing at times. It's my heart that bothers me most. The PVCs I can tolerate, but a highly irregular beat I can't ignore and feel a sense of impending doom. And the hot flashes. I can't ignore those... And they make me really cranky! Let me know how you're doing as it goes on? Also, I love the comment "stupid body."

  • I started Culturelle almost 10 days ago and this is how I am feeling...so this is die off? About how long does it last? I tried searching on this but couldn't find much...must be using the wrong terms...

  • Hot flashes are great aren't they? :D I'll try to follow up on this post if possible.

  • I think I varies per person. I'm hoping 2-3 days max. Keep looking through the posts I promise it's there. I'm new here so I don't know much.