I stood on concrete to watch a daughter and 2 grandsons do the Thrill Mob Dance...

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  • Dr says walk daily 30 mins because your joints need movement. Many can relate including me though. So sorry

  • I pay to play. And I have the exact same issue with driving or sitting for long periods, even though my disease has been relatively well-controlled by humira. You are not being unreasonable: your body needs you to move every so often to not get painful and fussy (my limit is unfortunately 30 min most days) and you and your spouse should plan those breaks into your days and travel plans as inherently as you'd plan gas stops and food/bathroom breaks; they're just as not-optional as those are. We have to get to a place where we accept and expect our bodies to be ill, and then plan towards making sure our days are tolerable even if we wake up in a horrible flare. Don't feel guilty for asking for what you need or being so ill as to inconvenience your spouse or others... you didn't exactly choose it and you can't change it, so why take on responsibility for others' feelings when you couldn't possibly be doing life differently? ♡ Good vibes to you. I worked on this stuff all summer with a therapist. I'm lucky to have a wonderfully understanding and flexible partner, but the therapy has helped me deal with the odd occasion where he's walking too fast and getting impatient with me and my cane. It's also been especially helpful with work.

  • epsom salt and baking soda bath works for me. Travel like that also bothers me. Hang in there and continue to live your life.

  • Regardless of age or health issues,every person needs to get out of cars and move around. At least ten to fifteen minutes keeps blood flow better as anyone, any age can get blood clots. Dismiss attitude with that possibility please. Buy those cool gel pillows for travelling they saved me for sure

  • What do you mean acting like a baby? Give yourself a break! Only you know how much pain you're in. Pardon my language but screw anybody else that doesn't understand! Listen, I just woke up in pain. After dealing with tears coursing down my cheeks that I was completely unaware of, I got up and took a pain pill. No one has the right to criticize your pain. Be kinder to yourself. You're lucky you can still work with yarn. I've had to give up my beloved piano but I can still fix meals, tidy and drive. We take what this disease has left us and make the best life we can. A supportive family is invaluable.

  • It may look silly but I wriggle in the car, sometimes to music. Flexing muscles seems to help.

  • Thank you for your support, kind words and ideas. Hope each of you have a great Monday!

  • I stop the last five minutes of every hour, get out and stretch, walk around the car, visit the ladies', whatever. I just build the rest stops into the total travel time. It's actually beneficial for everyone riding in the car to walk a bit and breathe some fresh air. You will find you can last longer on a trip. I do all our driving and this way I can go six to eight hours instead of four to five.

  • Yes for sure DOC sd every 1&1/2 too 2 hrs get out that vehicle. Stretch best you can, shake legs a bit & Walk at least ten minutes.

  • I do crank the the radio, sing and dance in my seat. I do say if its to loud ur too old.

  • I can relate. I feel for you. Hang in there.

  • Traveling is the worst...sometimes it takes me days to recover, but right now my job requires it so I have to suck it up. I travel with my heating pad and my pillow. When I visit my niece and nephew I always end up paying for playing with them...but I would rather pay then miss out on the times as they are growing up. They are worth that to me, even though it really sucks some times after. Keep your chin up, take care of yourself the best you can and choose those activities that are worth it to not miss out. Good luck!