I started taking Methotrexate last week and wanted to know how have others...

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  • Many do better to take it or inject it at night. Folic acid in prescription form can help with side effects . I did much better on the injections. The pill form made me very stomach sick .

    Most see relief within a couple months . Hoping you do well on it . Keep us posted ❤

  • My mom, who has other autoimmune dx's, got pulmonary fibrosis from that drug. Its a know complication, so let your MD know if you have any breathing difficulties.

  • I did get a chest x ray before I started the med

  • It can take up to 3 months before you know if it's going to help. I was unable to tolerate the pills, and did shots instead. Unfortunately it didn't help me, but I've known others who had great success with it.

  • I am taking methotrexate and colchicine! It has helped with my body pain but not my headache and neuro symptoms. I also haven't had any ulcers while I have been taking both of them.