I started listening to Eckhard Tolles A new Earth a few days ago Its not the...

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  • Im a HUGE fan of Mr Tolle! His other book The Power of Now is phenomenal!! Glad you have come in contact with his teachings! Good stuff I say! :D

  • I'll have to check that out once I get through this one Bonnie. Not sure how I stumbled upon it but everything happens for a reason!

  • It sure does..."when the student is ready, the teacher appears"...obviously your READY!! :D

  • Eileen can you post a link for that?

  • I have an audio link if you'd like it Karen Stefanski-pascale.http://archive.org/details/EckhartTolleANewEarth.. .

  • Here is The Power Of Now audio link as well..... http://archive.org/details/EckhartTollethePowerOfN owaudio

  • Eileen that's so good to hear