I started Enbrel 3 weeks ago Yesterday I noticed that I had a raised rash...

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  • kick backs!

  • Do the doctors get kick backs? I dont think that is legal.

  • Majority, Thats how they get samples.

  • I have to say though that so far my life has improved on the enbrel. No, I'm not crazy about the rash around the injection site but if it gives me more good days than bad then it is worth it. They do average about $500 a shot though so of course the pharmaceutical companies are going to push them.

  • I don't know why, but I have my guesses. The obvious reason is the pharm companies' studies show TNF blockers have a 70% success rate. I think that this rate is not all that it seems because we know that users have to take breaks for infections, switch between them because of side effects, etc. But even with all of the side effects and even if the efficacy rate is substantially lower, practically, than what the pharm companies advertise - these are still extremely powerful drugs. The other reasons are financial, I think. They can make a lot of money on these drugs...but only if people take them. More people will end up on them if they ask their doctors for them by name. Also, I think more people are likely to take a drug with scary-sounding side-effects if they've been bombarded with comercials showing healthy, attractive famous people frolicking on the golf course or beach who are taking the same drug.

  • I want to frolic on the golf course, do back flips and hell, i would just be happy to sit down to dinner and jhave a good time with my friends without worrying if I was going to be able to get out of my chair or not. I need to start carrying around donut with me. So i can cushion my tush. Boy wouldnt that be funny!?

  • Haha! I know what you mean. Every day is an adventure. How sexy will my limp be today?? How hard will I cry in the shower after I leave the gym? No Botox for me, I have a naturally stuff upper lip from grinning and bearing it!!

  • I think limping is the in thing now Donna Fay Bond. :)

  • I mean "in" thing.

  • I can't believe they advertise the meds on TV, that's mad!! They don't advertise here (Ireland) because the government set up a drugs payment scheme a few years ago (they actually done something good but now keep increasing the monthly amount) where you pay a certain amount each month and that covers all you prescription meds. They also have a medical card which covers all medical expenses, you have to apply, get assessed, wait months, asked for all the same details again then usually get refused!! I thankfully got it, after several application attempts, 2 months ago, the finical worry I had every time I had to go to the doctor/chemist/hospital has been lifted - its amazing. Jennifer Burtch, I tried my injection into my stomach this time to see if it was any different. The "pinch"was not as sore, fingers crossed, will let you know how it went