I started baby girl on one new suplement yesterday I like going one at a time...

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  • That's so scary, I have always heard how important it is. Thank God you always try things separately!

  • The doc said this brand is best and there office sold it, tiny strained particles.

  • So sorry. I had a reaction to a new BP med I started 2 wks ago....had super fast hard thumping heart rate for 4 hours Friday night...Was up and awake all night long. It was much worse lying down so was up most of night. Needless to say last night I slept 12 midnight to 12 noon today.

  • Oh no I'm so sorry, I hope it settles did u let yr doc no so he can make note of the side efects?

  • Good read, so mabie she is herxing from it.

  • Not yet...I had noticed more irregular beating but I always have some mild palps, etc so didn't think it was the new med...but the 4 hour deal I went through I think was definitely a reaction . I did not take it last night & was ok. I will call doctor office tomorrow & keep my bp readings...Even tho I had been taking bp med for years it was running too high so he added this one. Just spent $30 for 3 month supply & now can't take...

  • I'm reading about side effects of silver.....google...most of the time there are none & no reactions with other meds. It can be Herxing for Shivon.

  • Dr told us no known reaction w other meds but to take 15 min away from food and other herbals to be safe.

  • Yes ok the kids do her I didn't think of that thank u, I'll have her do deetox baths more and lots of distilled water to help flush

  • Nova Hanson Sounds possible...but still talk to doc about it.

  • Ruby Browning Vice i surely am going to let her doc no yes'

  • It's interesting that you say that because I just started Jordan on colloidal silver (we use sovereign brand) and he had terrible night terrors the other night too.

  • I wander if hees herxing to, poor guy. I hope the kids get beter rest tonight

  • Me too :)

  • Doc office called back this morning said baby girl can dose down to half tsp colidial silver 2 times a day and see if she tolerated better and spira suplement too. She has been been a fussy tired girl this evening.