I posted this earlier this evening I m hoping it ll get the message across to...

Why do I write all of this? I write this because I'm a Zebra Warrior, I'm a Spoonie, and I fight through this to be a mom and take care of my girls, grandma, and the apartment (as much as I can at a time). There are meals, and even full days, where the pain is making me sick so I barely eat, but no matter how much the smell of food makes me feel sicker, I make sure everyone gets fed and dinner gets made whether I eat or not. Withing 2 or so days, I can use my 'allowed' spoons for those 2 days and almost the rest of the week. I'm sharing this because I want people to realize that someone may seem ok, may seem like they have things under control, but you never know when someone is going through Hell because of their own body. I'm a Zebra and Spoonie momma, caretaker, and whatever other role I'm needed to play at times. Life certainly isn't easy, and I know others have it worse then me and I applaud and respect them for everything they're able to do, but I'm dealing with the cards I ended up being dealt.

But please remember, just because someone seems okay on the outside doesn't mean that they are. Don't get irritated if they start talking about their health or other issues...chances are that they don't have anyone to really talk to for whatever reason. Don't stop inviting them out if they keep having to cancel or ask for a rain check...chances are that you're one of the only people still asking them if they want to get together and hang out."

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