I noticed Monday that I was running low on Doxycyline I called my LLMD...

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  • Was diagnosed two weeks ago, Lyme, Babesia, Bart (after 25 yrs of mis diagnose, by 6 different docs) -- but I see so many horror stories,,,, like yours, Stephanie, that I have been reluctant to start the abx that I was perscribed. Feel very confused and stressed by it all. . . . and I know ,,, I'm not helping you at all with your problem,,, but just wanted to respond to your ''aloneness'' ((hugs))

  • garlic is a great natural abx

  • American biotech Labs nano particle silver is shown to be very powerful against Lyme... All stages... Thats what I use in replace of antibiotics

    (Health Max 10ppm) (or you can buy is over the Internet as silverbiotics 10ppm) excellent amount of research published.... They proved to our own US government the could kill malaria in less than a week... They were invited to speak in front of our US Congress.... They also paralyzed HIV.... I own a business so I was able to acquire the research documents but you can still see some on their website :

    American biotech Labs

    Watch the YouTube videos by: Dr. Gordon Pedersen silver sol nano particle, or go to SilverhealthInstitute. Com...

    Good luck :)