I noticed I used to sleep 16 hrs a day now I have severe insomnia and sleep...

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  • Do you take any sleepy meds?

  • no

  • Yep - sounds really familiar!

  • anything that can be done to help this?

  • I have the same problem - for years now...

  • no

  • have not taken any Benadryl.....been like this for weeks now

  • Lyme disease is causing it. It should get better with treatment. I've been "in treatment" since last October. Initially I had serious problems sleeping - would only sleep for 3-4 hours at a time and couldn't stay asleep. Started treatment and everything swung the opposite direction - couldn't stay awake - slept 8-9 hours every night, up for several hours and then could never make it past 1:00 in the afternoon without a nap. Would sleep for a rock for another 4 hours and be awake till about 11....then back to start the cycle all over. In May, my LLMD changed my meds, now I'm back to not sleeping more than 5 hours at night, up by not later than 6 in the morning (for no apparent reason), but still napping in the afternoons. VERY weired. I don't take any sleep meds - haven't needed any. Seems I can go to sleep pretty well but can't stay asleep at night. UGH. I say -sleep if you can and don't worry about it. REST is good. The body heals during periods of sleep and we all need healing, without a doubt.

  • I get the coma sleep. I call it my manic stages. I either sleep so soundly nothing wakes me, or I can't sleep. It's the Lymes. You begin to learn the cycles. I started keeping a journal of my sleep patterns, it's made a big difference. I know when to make plans with people and when there is no way I can function. Less stimuli when I can't sleep helps to. I still lay down and let the body rest, even if I can't sleep.

  • lovely....only problem is it only gives me a few hours maybe 6 to take 60 pills.... :( and get 3 doses of teasel root drops.... what should I do?