I need some urgent prayers please Just spoke to Dr Jardin s secretary in...

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  • ;( Your making me cry Jessica, thanks, really appreciate it. hugs

  • Thinking of u I was were u are right now Pray for u break through

  • Father in heaven, You know how sick Jazmin is. You are aware of her every need. I pray for healing and provision for her care. You are still the God of miricles. I pray this in Jesus' name~ Amen <3

  • Thanks Jackie and thank you Michelle, I believe that God will provide, I know He will, and I say thank you God for taking care of me and thank you for all my friends praying for me. God is good. Love you guys :)

  • praying, Jazmin - keep us posted!

  • Hi jazmin i roiginally considered going to her as well. Shes actually the one that helped me figure out what i had been sick with for 3 years when i came across her site. I realized the cost was just too much for me as well not to mention what it would be for follow-ups so i began searching for an llmd here in the states that could treat me and after 8 months and 2 different llmd`s i have now found one that i believe God led me to and was able to test for things necessary and treat me correctly. I have to travel to washington DC but i feel it is worth it. My ins covers all lab tests and i thankfully dont have to pay n arm and a leg to see her except while traveling it gets a little costly. Have you considered seeing one here in the states?

  • Thanks Cathy, will do. @ Courtney, so glad you found someone that could help you. I'm from South Africa, so it's just a 2 hour flight, but costly. I'm at a point now, that I can delay this any longer, and I know that God will provide. With all your guys prayers, friends and family, I know that He will make away. God is good! Just have to stay positive and believe. Hugs to you all :)

  • Check out lymetap.com They might be able to help you out financially! Seriously worth looking into!

  • If your insurance doesn't reimburse this financial assistant program for lyme testing may be worth checking out. It covers Igenex testing: http://www.lymetap.com/lyme-disease-financial-assi tance

  • Sent them an email this morning. Will see what they say, hoping for the best :) Thanks Elizabeth and Dana.