I m wondering if anyone here has dealt with the FT pen markings on the feet...

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  • Last tx december 2015

  • They made permanent tattoos on my feet. Their measurements then allowed them to redo the markings. I enjoyed the poolside of the hotel I was staying at. They did not tattoo my hands. The oncologist explained that the hands have more lumps and bumps to help determine where they originally mapped.

  • Did not actually do this, but discussed the possibility of using natural henna paste to trace the felt tip margins drawn around the target area in order to ensure they'd last for the duration of treatment. My rad onc had no objections as long as the henna contained no additives. Ultimately, I reapplied the felt tip pen at the end of each day and compared it to photos I'd taken.

  • I had that issue too. They tried paint pen on me. They used the purple dye and covered with clear bandage and that worked best. I asked about molds, but was told clinical setup was really best option for me. I reapplied the sharpie before it was too faint. They reassessed each day to verify my redo s! They did not want to use purple dye on my hands, but finally decided it was most prudent. I was cautioned not to prepare food or eat anything that came in contact with it. It was reapplied for second round. My doc had me stand on copy machine to verify placement and to create the blocks. He reassesed and had Tech file down the blocks in a few places to insure prior margins

  • When showering, I put a plastic bag over my foot and taped it with Duck Tape :) My "ink" markings stayed perfect :)

  • Mine made a template on a piece of cellophane that they put over it each time..sounds like overkill.. what kind of machine are they using??

  • I was given a Sharpie to do retouches.

  • I was injected with ink-8 times. It faded. It will be ok

  • My markings wore off but the staff had drawn my foot and the mapped area on a transparent plastic sheet with registration marks so they were able to replicate the mapped area easily. Some RO's use tattoos like they do for cancer treatment.

  • A sharpie works wonders

  • It was a sharpie they used on my feet. Within 24 hours the marks were very faded.