I m tossing out a question hoping someone can either answer it or point me to a...

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  • Dr Ben Lynch has done extensive research on this and has a lot of information on his website.


  • Bob, I so agree with you about the multiplicity of contradictory opinions!!! I have discovered the same in my own research on Lyme Disease period. Expensive is something I can relate to also. I do not desire to go broke chasing after every recommendation or new miracle cure out there! I can't speak to the other subjects you've brought up here though.

  • Yep! We take probiotics and Milk Thistle to protect us from the antibiotics and take supplements to replace what the others leached out and think (hope) we're doing the right thing .... and pray a lot.

  • I should have included the fact that at the same time my LLMD ordered a Vitamin B12 test which was in the upper range of normal.