I m thinking about going to a lyme treatment center this summer and was...

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  • From what I hear they are a good step in treatment. Don't expect to get better while there, there is still a lot of follow up treatment required. Personal opinion a good LLMD and a nice vacation would have the same effect and cost much less.

  • I've heard that the one in Mexico is actually really good. It's as pricey as the other ones though. I'm pretty sure the one in Mexico is the one that Yolanda Foster went to (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). None are covered by insurance...of course. What else is new?! I'm a little leery of them because I've heard so many horror stories about Lyme patients being taken advantage of. There's a girl on facebook that calls herself Lyme Chick..I think she just got out of the one in Nevada. You may want to check her page out. ?

    Best of luck!! :-)

  • Dont waste your time at Envita in Scotttsdale, been there done that....

  • Morgan I went to Envita, back in 2007 I believe. I did 4 months of treatment, going 3 times/week. They will pump you with lots of nutrients but unfortunately I didn't see much improvement while going there.