I m talking to a nonprofit organization the may be able to fly me to MD to get...

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  • Prayers are being said for you

  • I will pray for you Lori and I too am so encouraged that you have so many things working out for you. I will pray for your boss too and hope this very special lady gets a proper diagnosis.

  • Great news for you. Praying for your sister too.

  • I was so fortunate to have my aunt put me up for the last three days there. It was an experience, let me tell you, especially when Dr. Birnbaum ordered extra tests. 30 vials of blood later and several X-rays of hands and feet, plus the stuff I was already scheduled for made for two full days. Enjoyed the vistas though, and am determined to get back up that way for some sightseeing time. DD and I did stop in DC to see some of the sights, since she had never been, on the way up. On the way home we drove the whole fifteen hours getting home at almost midnight.

  • Wow! Lynne that's packing in a big trip! Yes, I have had 28 vials taken at Mayo Jacksonville before and done all the crazy stuff. It was worth it though it cost me financially. I'm still rooting and praying for you continually Lori.

  • Praying for you both.

  • Thank y'all so much for those prayers!!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz 30 vials! Wow! I think I'd have passed out. I need to mentally prepare before I get there! Lol

  • I had had some cookies right before, since none of the tests were fasting. She did have to use both arms since my left arm vein goes slower and slower the more vials taken from it.

  • I'll have to bring something to eat because I usually feel faint after just a few vials!