I m struggling with a decision My son has poly JIA and is in medicated...

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  • does he get speech therapy? My son did half day pre-K and got speech therapy and had an IEP in place for K so it really helped.

    - if he's exhausted I would probably skip it paying for full day.

  • Yes he gets speech thru the school on his IEP. It would just be more frequent. I also take him to private speech therapy.

  • I would do a half day. We paid for kinds for our son because public school only offered full day. He doesn't have JA, it just was a chance to enter school gradually.

  • Then it sounds like you are doing everything you can already. I wouldn't bother paying extra for all day, they only get so long to be kids and enjoy playing, etc...

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz very true.

  • I agree, let him be a kid and enjoy playing. If he gets overtired everyday it might cause him to flare. On his non tired days you can work with him one on one if you are worried about him being behind .

  • We'd do half day. More rest and recovery time will probably benefit him more in the long run than extra school time. I'm so nervous for my little guys first long day til 2pm :/ I wish a morning-only program was an option.

  • I would personally just keep doing what you are doing. Overtired is bad, and you are already getting him extra speech therapy. Did the private speech therapist give you activities to do at home? :)

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz yes she did but you know how kids are, he does great for her and I have to bribe him to do the activities at home.

  • I do! Played this game with my eldest actually lol. I got a couple of board games and used those the same way the speech therapist did . And on extra bad days bribed with treats afterwards... yes I am exactly that mom lmao

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz that's a good idea. I maybe should buy some of the games he really likes from there.

  • I got a fishing game and one where you feed the pig (her two favourites from there) and a bingo game. Her sister likes to play as well, which is great! She doesn't have any speech issues, but really likes to copy her sister so was starting to say things the same way *sigh*

  • He loves the pig game! Where did you get it?

  • http://m.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3 636766 I found one locally for waaayyy too much money lol, but did a quick search and found it here ^.^ (god I hate looking at US prices compared to ours)

  • Half. Too much stress for the littles. Catch up whenever, and to who's standards? ;) Don't push it

  • I'm a giant fan of half-day if you can make it work for your schedule. It was perfect for our JIA daughter.

  • As a SPED teacher, keeping kids excited about school and learning is everything. You're already addressing his speech delay, both in school and through private therapy. I would recommend an exchange of information between the two therapists, as the coordination may be beneficial to your son. Playing fun speech and learning games at home provides him with the enriched environment that he can't get as 1 of 20-25 K students.