I m struggling Especially with breakfast I ve just never been a big breakfast...

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  • sure in the beginning ditch eggs and dairy. You may find after a year or more on the diet that you are less sensitive to those things. I have tons of eggs now but avoided them the first year for the most part.

  • Key thing to remember with this is that you are doing it to heal yourself, and it is hard in the beginning. Think of it as an experiment, and see what the results are. Once you get results it becomes easy to stick to it, even if you are bored with your food, or miss certain things. Your decision to care about yourself in this way becomes more important. Eventually when you are in a much better place physically you will find that you can add back in many things in small amounts and you will wonder how you ever lived any other way :)

  • Karen, did you see my pancakes post/photos/recipe? They are amazingly delicious ;)

  • Yeah my husband made those for me though I haven't attempted it. He's deployed now though and that's part of the problem. I'm just not motivated to cook for one, especially in the morning! I'm really struggling a lot more with him gone.

  • And a lot of times I eat "mono meals" esp for breakfast. It's easy on digestion & I get a lot do raw living nutrients. Often I'll do like all watermelon or all grapes for breakfast, I just eat them until I'm full

    I have lots of great LSD recipes, including breakfast/brunch here:


  • Awesome thank you, I don't really use pinterest but maybe I should, I didn't even think of that as a resource :)

  • For me personally I have to have a protein in the morning, sometimes I just have a little steak or pork chop. Buuuuuutttt if you don't like meat... Atlas Snacks is a company that makes 100% paleo granola. They are friends of mine and it taste awesome. I know lots of people who eat like they would a cereal (I eat it as a snack cause of the protein in the morning thing). You can cut up fruit with it and add honey, or even add almond milk.

  • My go to breakfast is tea and greek yogurt, berries, and local honey. It's gotten to the point where I crave it every morning now. The honey is what makes it so good, and the protein in the yogurt keeps me until lunch

  • Thanks for the link to your pinterest, Jules! I am always on there and have been looking for more recipes.

  • I make coconut or almond flour muffins ( they have eggs though - I know you can find egg free recipes) on the weekends so I don't have to think / cook on weekday mornings.

    Also - my naturopath told me that food sensitivity testing is basically bunk and the only way to really know what affects you is elimination dieting. But if eggs make you feel bad then giving them up is probably wise.

    I also do cottage cheese and fruit ( be careful though lots of cottage cheese has weird additives)