I m looking for some advice on leashes and wheelchairs I usually use my walker...

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  • My boy isn't a service dog, but I sometimes use a caribiner to attach the lead to one of the restraint-anchor points on my powerchair. I also have a 'pocket' I'm making for the sideguard of my chair that I can strap my extendable lead in to, while still being able to reach the 'stop' button. I also want to be able to strap a torch on there and a bag dispenser. There are a couple of folks on Etsy making service dog/ dog with disabled owner kit. You could also use one of the jogging leads that go round waist/shoulder.

  • They do make attachments for bikes (you could adapt them to wheelchairs, and I'm sure they make them FOR wheelchairs) that keep the leash up and away from the wheels.

  • They make wheelchair leashes or wrist leashes. I personally work my dog off lead if I'm in my chair though because its easier and 90% of her tasks the leash interferes with. But she went through extensive off lead training.

  • This is my wrist leash set up