I m in the UK. I ve just been told that I have to pay for my prescriptions now

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  • It is stressful and that's bad for your health. One thing compounds another. Good luck with the processes you have undertaken. Keep us updated. <3

  • Have you contacted the manufacturers or looked online to see if they have a program to provide the medication? I don't know about there but in the US many do. I receive 4 meds that way at no charge

  • They usually use students etc for mess programs here but I see my Dr again on Wednesday. See if he can help x thank u all xx

  • I would advise you not to take Naproxen as it can damage your kidneys, I'm not very helpful on the other matter, sorry!! Gentle hugs to you, you rant as much as you want <3

  • Thank you :)

  • Yep we are here for you!! Just wish we could get your meds somehow!!! Luv n hugs❤

  • Thank you :) I'm not giving up yet...not without a fight ♥ xx

  • Plz don't!! You deserve everything you need!!! ❤

  • <3

  • I have a friend here in the USA that googled coupons for her meds and found several and saved lots of money. I supposed it's not as easy for the generic ones. Good Luck